Monday, March 2, 2015

I Don't Care What They Say About Us Anyways...[Mar. 2, 2015]

This week has been hard, this area for some reason that I still can't exactly pinpoint is just difficult. It's nice because we get fed every day and we see a lot of members, but the numbers are just not coming. I've learned that my companion can sometimes get discouraged and stressed--that I have to just keep working and the motivation will follow (and hopefully she doesn't hate me for pushing her). It's just not the easiest thing for me to do.

Last night an Elder tried convincing me how similar Utah and Oregon are. Obviously he's never been to Oregon, but he's like, "Well there's like mountains in both and areas of grass..." I just gave him this look.

We had this awesome dinner where she made spaghetti like normal, except with angel hair pasta--and she combined the sauce and noodles. She rolled Rhodes rolls (after rising) into a rectangle, put the spaghetti in the middle, cut the dough on the sides in stripes to lace over the spaghetti, put an egg wash on top with parmesan cheese, onion powder and italian seasoning. Later in the week, we also had waffles and we put sweetened condensed milk on top. Yum...I can feel the diabetes coming on.

One of our Zone Leaders looks like Buddy Holly, isn't there a song about that? (There is, I think it's called "Buddy Holly", it's fantastic, enjoy it, because I can't!) We were sitting in Spangles and there was a wall of pictures of Buddy Holly. I would say pictures will follow, but that would be awkward just taking a picture of an Elder.

We went on exchanges this week and it was fantastic, especially since I got to leave my area and not have to worry about what we were going to do while there. I don't know, a lot of stress just comes with that. So I went to Lawrence and a member fed us IHOP and I got to actually learn a lot from the STL. She just has so much confidence that it attracts everyone. It's annoying, because I really want to be able to be like that and I think it partly comes naturally to her and partly she just practices a lot. It's annoying, because I want to work on my confidence, but also my charity/humility. Which I think right off the bat sounds like opposites, but they aren't because they are all Christlike attributes. So, somehow there is a way to have them all.

I've been learning a lot from my companion. I think she thinks I'm the biggest idiot of the world. Which I think is a big success for myself, because I have been working on not being condescending because of my age, and my humility, but it's also kind of annoying. Sometimes I do deserve it. She's just a classic BYU student who knows her stuff. Oh be Wise, What Can I Say More? She has the brain of an engineer, which, trust me, I know. So when she told me she was thinking of going into business, I was surprised and we talked about it and she said she had been thinking how she likes math and about engineering. So I think that's what she is planning on now. Either way she is going to do fantastic with whatever she does. I don't know if I put any info up about her, but she's 20 and went to BYU for a semester and has been on her mission one year and is from Kaysville, Utah.

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