Friday, February 27, 2015

'ello Govnuh...[Feb. 23, 2015]

Lake Shawnee. Where to begin.... Well, it's my area and I have already met a lot of the members, because my last comp (in Kaw Valley, which happens to border part of this area) served here a few months ago, so we saw a lot of them again...including Ben, who I think I mentioned before. He has been to a few of our appointments and he bought us dinner one time. At dinner we were sitting down and he looks over and in a knee-jerk reaction exclaims, that's the effin (edited from what he actually said) governor! The man sitting in the table next to us looks up and decides to wisely change tables. Ben just laughs and explains the governor made a lot of budget cuts, especially to schools, so he is not so well liked with the Kansans at this point in time. Ben is a convert that my last comp introduced the church to. He was high at the time (when he first met my comp) and has a crazy conversion story. He is probably the coolest recent convert you could meet.
One house we have been to belongs to this awesome lady named Sister Jackson and she has 3 kids and her husband is deployed. She works at Petco and she has a ton of reptiles....(yaaaaay).... I only screamed about three times during dinner with geckos flying everywhere. I found out later that they actually have a cello (1/2 size, but I'm not complaining), so ironically, I can't wait to get back there.
Lake Shawnee Sisters haven't had any investigators come to church in the past 3 and 1/2 months, but we had one on Sunday, so that was sweet!
I got to go to Debbie's baptism on Friday and it was so AWESOME! She is so prepared! I think at this point I should just find out all the Debbie's in the area and visit them. Anyways, to compile all of Debbie's conversion, we met her the second night in Kaw Valley at a member's home. The member invited her to Meet the Mormons via email and she went with her. She invited her to talk with the missionaries and Debbie was like, "Well I'm probably not going to convert, but I'll see what they have to say...haha." We started teaching her every Thursday at the member's home and we sent her daily texts with scriptures. She was eating it up! Her trial of faith was whether she should continue without her teenagers also in it as well, but she received her answer that she should. She got baptized!!!
Our Zone has 10 Missionaries, 3 Districts, 2 new, never been District Leader District Leaders, 3 Trainees and 1 never been Zone Leader Zone Leader. It's gonna go one way, or the this will be interesting.

Me, Debbie, Sister Mitchell (last comp)
Sister Hansen (her trainee/new comp)

Sister Budge (member we had dinner
at/with Debbie on Thursdays),
Me, Debbie, Sister Mitchell,
Sister Hansen, Brother Budge

Elder Ives (District Leader that went home)
Elder Mcgee, Elder Stum,
Sister Mitchell, me, Elder Hunt


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