Monday, March 23, 2015

I don't know about you, but I'm turning 22...[Mar. 23, 2015]

I started the day with this glorious bath and then an egg mcmuffin and hot chocolate. Then I opened my presents which were shirts and sunglasses. We did our laundry. I'm emailing now. Then we are going to Panda Express for lunch. Then the necessary stop at Chili's for hot lava cake. Then we are going to the Stake Center to gather missionaries to go to the driving range. After that we are hitting up Walmart for groceries and then possibly if we have time, the mall and thrift store. Such a blessing my birthday is on P-day...yay!
On Friday, we did a lot of walking. We ran into a guy named Cedric and then another one named Victor. Harry and Fleur and we would've had all Tri-Wizard competitors. We got sick of having to decide which direction to walk around, so I carried a quarter in my pocket and we flipped to decide which direction to walk when we hit a crossroads.
Last Tuesday at district meeting we, like always, did a role play and no one was volunteering to be the Missionaries and not gonna lie, I can't pay attention unless I'm a part of it (even though you are on the spot and all your teaching flaws are shown to your District). I volunteered and since your companion does it with you Sister Blood gave me the dirtiest glare I've ever seen. Thankfully, it was a good role play and we had an easy Elder act as an investigator, and I didn't get stabbed later on that day.
Wednesday, we had a specialized training where they put a babysitter in all of our cars. TIWI'S. It speaks in this creepy computer voice. It's only yelled at me a couple times to slow my speed down. It also has the ability to send to your president if you are outside the mission, or if you are out after 10:30pm or before 5:30am, or if you decided to see how much air you can get going over a bump, or if you are a taking a turn to tight, or if you slam on your brakes.
Also, at specialized training, I learned that one of my old investigators in Kaw Valley got baptized on Saturday and they didn't tell me, so I didn't go. Not like I'm mad or anything...but the presence of anyone in my old district is going to be looked over for the time being.
Thursday, we had a team-up with a recent convert, so we went and visited some investigators and it was really good. But by the end of the day we realized that we hadn't talked with 10 new people which was a challenge this week from the mission, so it was 8pm and we were in Oakland, which is pretty ghetto. One investigator was like, it's really not bad! We haven't had a shooting in 2 months!! Well, I felt we really needed to get out and knock doors, but my comp looked at me like I was cray cray. But we got out and knocked a couple doors, and we met some less actives that the missionaries used to work with, but not so much anymore. We met one guy who seemed pretty interested. We set up an appointment for yesterday and the Elders hopefully went and saw him...hopefully he wasn't disappointed we didn't come back, but the Elders did. I felt pretty good about it, because we totally stretched ourselves and had a successful day of seeing people, yet when the District Leader called that night he was still in rebuking mode. How are you going to repent and do better tomorrow? Whatever. I have to keep reminding myself, I'm serving the Lord and as long as I'm trying that's what matters. The next day he decided to micro-manage us and call us in the middle of the day. By that time we already talked with 17 people.
I've learned that when I start getting stressed, if I go into organizing mode and plan things out and start physically organizing things or mentally organizing things into lists of things to do or people we need to see or call, I start feeling a lot better. It helps me realize that things are moving forward and even if it doesn't look like it to our leaders, we are still serving the Lord and it only matters what He thinks.

 Walking up to the Capitol last p-day.
I decided to change
One elder was so weirded out
that I was wearing a white shirt,
 he gave me his tie and took a picture
You can see "the green monster" it's off limits
to missionaries because it's like one giant drug
and prostitute apartment complex. 

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  1. Green monster=scary!!!
    Love that she made the best of her bday. Her area sounds depressing.