Monday, March 16, 2015

Black Skirt, Black Skirt; the longer you wear it the blacker it gets...[Mar. 16, 2015]

Update on the cold: I stopped taking Zicam and the next day I lost my voice and then the next day my nose was a little runny and that was it. I think my body was so pumped with Zicam and vitamin C and my killer offense of an immune system just nipped that thing in the bud.
I recently got sick of every day looking at my wardrobe and thinking what skirt am I going to wear for the hundredth time today? So I decided that I was just going to wear the same skirt everyday and see who notices. It's a black skirt with pockets and one of my favorites and goes with about everything. Obviously, no one notices because it's a plain black skirt. I already need to sew on the back button, but it for some reason makes my mornings that much less stressful.
Sorry, this is kind of boring, but this week was not super eventful.
Oh we went to this place called HuHot that is a Mongolian grill and it was a lot fancier than Chang's in Portland, but cheaper and not as good, but that might be because I'm biased.
We also have this teenage girl investigator who's mother is a less active. This girl went to Girls Camp three times and was even in the Kansas City Temple dance event thing they do when the temple opens. Yet, her mom doesn't want her getting baptized until she knows more, so like in a year. Which we think is just a bit too far out, since we think she is ready for it on March 28th. So we fasted with her yesterday. Hopefully we can get her mom on our side, until then all we can do is pray.
I gave a talk yesterday. Three weeks ago someone in the bishopric asked if I know anything about family history...uh not really, especially since like I can't even do it I was asked to speak on missionary work, family history work and temple work. You probably can assume I leaned on one subject than the rest. A high counselor spoke after me and referenced me a few times, but called me Sister Skidmore. Teasing later occurred. Our ward also has an Elder Seamons, which is kind of confusing, but the person who mixes us up the most is his companion.
Our ward Mission Leader's wife just got back from New Jersey and she was describing how fast paced it was. I just started identifying with everything she was saying. How everyone is so determined to get where they need to be. They talk fast, oh and the best part...they can get whatever food they want delivered at whatever time they want. It's my utopia! But then I realized that I have this belief that for some reason I think you aren't living your life the fullest if you don't have your plate heaping full and running to and fro to get to places. Kansas has really taught me what's important in life....get on disability and watch netflix all day! Okay, I guess there's probably middle ground somewhere.... I think as long as you have time in your life to drop what you are doing and serve people, then that's what's important. Such as if Sister Missionaries call you at 8:30pm after dark from a ghetto area sitting on a park bench asking if you could give them a ride home, because theirs fell through as they were saving on miles... if you're able to do that, then you're good. Not that that happened or anything....
I actually took pictures this week!

The Elders were playing outside
in the nice weather with the
 Thompson kids before dinner.

Me on a bridge.

 Larissa, she is super cute!
I keep trying to get her
to remember my name and
she asked if I was Sister Deppe
and I was like, no she's gone
and she gave me this face that looked like
I just told her her dog died.
 I had to back up, but she'll be back!
It was really bad.

The Sisters in our Zone and the STLs.

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