Monday, March 9, 2015

Titanium...[Mar. 9, 2015]

I have been on the precipice of a cold for the past 4 days. I was sure after the first night I would be completely sick...but then I wasn't. It was like a battle where I could see the enemy encroaching. I bought some Zicam to arm myself and Nyquil/Dayquil for the inevitable. But it's been FOUR DAYS... FOUR BLOODY DAYS... and the cold is still just barely there. I think it got intimidated by my Zicam and now it's dragging it's feet. A member mentioned, "Hey maybe that's as bad as it will get?"...but I know better. BRING IT.
I recently discovered meekness and this talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell and it is sooooo good. It's frustrating, because it's not something that you can just do, like, "Hey I'm going to be meek today," but it's something that you obtain and become. Someone yesterday at church said you have to do the actions first before the heart comes in. I've heard fake it 'til you make it, but the way she said it makes so much more sense. Love it.
This week has been crazy. My comp has discovered that she can't digest processed foods really well so her physical sickness led to some just sadness and homesickness...and it's been rough. I've had to really rely on the spirit when to push through and work...and when to give her time. It's been so cool though, because we were able to receive so many miracles. The Lord will have His work go forth no matter what and He can give us the added strength when we need it. We were able to hit our mission standard after over 3 1/2 months of Lake Shawnee not hitting it and everything really just came.
We also learned as a Mission that we are getting IPAD Mini's the end of May. If you go home before Nov.23rd, you don't have to pay for it and it stays with the mission, but otherwise you have to pay for it and keep it. It's going to be so awesome with area books and planners online and better connected to our ward mission leaders and missionaries...and oh you want to watch a Mormon message in the middle of a lesson?... well let me pull it up for you. bam.

[So, she had me title her blog this week--too much battling her foe to think clearly. Keeping up with her tradition of sticking to song titles, I had to peruse my playlist and this seemed quite fitting (this will probably be the first and last time she gives up control when she finds out! ha!ha!)....]

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