Monday, August 3, 2015

It's hotter than heck, Charlie Brown....[July 27, 2015]

Sister Duffin has taught me how to dance like a peanut, which entails Sister Duffin has taught me how to dance like a peanut, which entails holding your arms straight down by your side as you shuffle your feet and hold your face down, then hold your face up to the sky. It sounds weird because it is weird. It is fantastically entertaining to participate in, though, especially at the end of a long day. Pictures will not follow.
So, I used to occasionally sleep with earplugs before my mission, but since my sleep has been all cray cray, I have to sleep with them all the time whether or not I have a loud companion. (I also sleep with pajamas on and fuzzy socks and a sweater under 7 blankets, but that's beside the point) well, I put a fresh pair of wax earplugs in, which you normally can't hear anything after you have a new pair of this puppies in, but in the middle of the night the tornado sirens went off and both Sister Duffin and I woke up. Apparently those sirens actually work...well kind of. We didn't know what to do, because normally our phones are programmed to send us warning texts with stuff like tornados, but we didn't get one. So, we texted the Bohmans (Sr. Couple) and asked what was happening and they had a TV and a weather radio and nothing came on those either. BTW it's storming like crazy during all this. So we just go back to bed and the next morning we find out that lightning hit one
of the sirens and it made them all go off.
On Friday we had no appts and no car. We walked in the afternoon for three hours visiting people and no one let us in. I was sweating so bad that I had to keep my eyes closed on the way back, because it was stinging my eyes so bad. I fell down on the couch and said over and over again very concerned how sure I was going to die. I lived though! I think I also made it through that experience without getting cranky, which is ridiculous to be proud of, but that's my reality in the summertime.
We didn't have much success this week, especially the saddest part was when our investigator didn't go to girls camp/Nauvoo. She really wanted to go, but it sounds like her mom, understandably, was nervous having her go that far with people she doesn't know very well. We did have an awesome miracle where a family that was close to baptism in Oklahoma got moved here because of the army. The Oklahoma sisters got permission to call us and tell us about them. Sounds super promising. We moved them in on Friday.

Sorry, I was too lazy to go to the library to do the pictures, I'll do them next week.

Junction City Elders and the. The weather on Friday the bright red dots above Wichita is us...yeah...

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