Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And I Caaaann't stand em!...[Aug. 17, 2015]

If you don't recognize the title then it's been much too long since you've seen Singing in the Rain.
This week has been the most crazy week I've had in a long time. I don't feel stressed, because my stressors have changed. If that makes sense? Normally it's numbers and the work in general that stresses me out, but the work is going fantastic, which helps me feel I'm following the Lord's will. Plus, greenie miracles are real and awesome!
Yet my stomach still decided it wanted to hate on my esophagus and share the fun of stomach acid with it. I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning in my bosom and it wasn't divine revelation. Then I had it off and on all week....
Each transfer and district and area there is always something different that is your trial of faith and this time it's def not the area, because junction city is the best place on earth. Sister Chappell, my companion, is fantastic! So humble and ready to work. We are so busy all the time with one appt after another and we are seeing so many miracles! This past week we pretty much contacted the dozens
of people that I've been trying to get a hold of since I got here. We have had so many investigators and less actives open up to us and I am so excited for them to allow the Atonement to work on them. There is truly no greater thing on earth than to witness someone honestly be changed through that power.
I used to be better at writing specifically about people and their stories and concerns and what not and I think I just kind of got used to it all. Everyone is so different, but there is still patterns that happen when we make contact with everyone. They get excited and want to change and depending on how strong there faith is they will either make it over their trial of faith or they lose their momentum and get lulled into carnal security (I just read that this morning...can I just get a quick pitch in here of how awesome the Book of Mormon is?) Our job is to help them with it all...help them recognize their trial
of faith, guide them to tools that will help them. Then love them, teach them, encourage them, pray for them, etc. Then if they fail we have to somehow not put that failure on ourselves.
I think the hardest part about this transfer is definitely keeping our district together. Districts without unity FAIL. And I know it's so inspired the people that are in our districts. The vast difference
between our last two district leaders has taken its toll. Elder Jones is such a solid missionary and is the most consecrated person I've met. It's inspiring! but most of all it's intimidating. I really enjoying joking around with other missionaries and it's what keeps me going and I feel pretty confident at knowing how to keep everything professional, but fun. Our beloved district leader though is still working at the whole joking around part...it's kind of like trying to joke around with your TIWI (our beloved electronic car nanny) you can do it all you want, but more than likely it's not going to reciprocate it back and occasionally it'll rebuke the spirit out of you. I hate getting stressed out, but I know more than anything, this is what I need to learn now. I need to learn to stand up for myself and
not let outside influences let me question what I know. I need to continue learning signs that my body tells me I'm getting too stressed and just tell myself to not get stressed! That works rights?
Actually, what I'm really focusing my studies on (when I'm not attempting to study for every other person that is struggling and not able to find the answers for themselves) is faith. I have the faith
that we will receive miracles and I have the faith necessary for all this jazz to happen, but I was studying Jesus the Christ the other day and it told the story of Peter and it hit me like a brick. Peter had enough faith to ask the Savior to walk on water with Him and it happened. But when outside influences got in the flippin way he lost sight of it all and ultimately failed. (At least that's how we see it in ourselves, but Christ always comes and gets us before we sink) I feel like I have enough faith for this work to go forth, but when things start not going the right way I start stressing (aka fearing or
losing faith) and I look inward and I start to sink. Sinking is SO not fun. In the words of Modest Mouse, Even if things get heavy let's all float on...shall we?

A not so awesome picture of me and my companion.

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