Monday, August 3, 2015

Woah, that's a wot of gweenies!...[August 3, 2015]

The Zone Leaders in Topeka created a video where they were giving a news brief on last transfers, transfers that were happening. They were doing it in funny accents and at one point they said the title of this blog and Sister Duffin and I have been quoting it all transfer.
Apparently, we were just being prophetic though. So through a series of unfortunate events I'm now pregnant about to
give birth on Wednesday to a 5 bouncing baby missionaries. Junction City has 3 other sets of Elders and we all will be training. The Branch is getting white washed though (both missionaries are leaving)  Elder Jones is stepping down from AP to fill Elder Howells shoes and he is training not one (because that's too easy...right?) but two missionaries. So now our lovely junction district will have 5 greenies
and 4 non-greenies.
As mission culture states, each missionary has a mission mom and dad, if you're a sister, your DL is your dad and your trainer is obvs your mom. If you're an elder your trainer is your dad and the oldest sister in your district is your I spent 9 months of my mission thinking this was the most retarded thing ever, but then I realized this gives me full right to call a random elder Dad, which highly entertains my 12-year-old sense of humor. Plus, your trainer really
does feel like someone who is introducing you into this crazy world of mission life. My parents split after 6 weeks as my mom got her visa and took off to Brazil....okay it gets weird if you look into it too far...especially if you look into my now polygamist district. Yep, enough with that!
Both the Ward and Branch Elders had a baptism on Saturday. Both guys are so solid. The 2nd one already is tight with the Stake President and has met Elder Sitati from the 70. Sometimes I just want to scream at these Elders, "How do you do it?!!"
But I don't think they would even know the answer to that. Mainly because we, as missionaries, literally do nothing. Okay, maybe not literally, but compared to what God and His other peeps are doing, it's pretty much nothing.
I know that faith precedes the miracle and I had/have SO MUCH faith for this area. Yet why aren't we seeing the results? I think any time you aren't seeing success (well at least for me) it's God's way of telling you, you can do better; you need to improve something. Then you need to give up your pride, put on a cloak of meekness and figure it out. Or in the words of my loving mother and older sisters, put on
your big girl pants. I used to recite in my head all the time, faith is a principle of power. Which it is, there is so much power in just positive thinking and full-heartedly believing something will happen...but faith ALSO is a principle of action.
It's so easy to figuratively think of all these things, but so much harder to actually apply. How can I act better on the faith I have? I have no idea, but I know that this is yet another pivot point in my mission and I think God is telling me to step it up.
I'm so scared for this next transfer, but I am sooooooo excited for some greenie miracles!!
Wait, I got one more story! So, we were driving to go see one of our investigators that hasn't kept her appts or texted us back. We met her through the elders, because she lives next door. So as we were driving along and turned into the alley to get to her place, we realized that a big garbage truck was blocking the way and then it started backing up towards us. So, I yelled, "emergency back-up!" And backed out of there. (It's against the mission rules to back up without a backer)
well as luck would have it all 4 elders were in their car right after the garbage truck and they slowly pulled up to us and I yelled there was a garbage truck! E.Howell leans out the window and in a nasally voice yells, I saw that, your grounded! Then they drive off. The whole incident was so ridiculous that I was cracking up so hard I couldn't
I also have gotten about 5 aggressive drivers from the Tiwi since I've been in Junction. They are just doing a lot of repaving and stuff and it feels less aggressive than a speed bump when it has gone off. I think the Tiwi just hates's okay, the feeling is mutual. 😑

One pic was with my old companion Sister Mitchell. We went on exchanges, because she is the STL here and she thought it would be fun to blow confetti. It's a long story how she got the involves road kill...I mean the confetti isn't roadkill itself, ew, but I'm too lazy to write the whole story out.
Another pic for Juan's baptism the Elders made the official looking baptism programs and then the VIPs got the other programs that had this on the front.

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