Thursday, August 13, 2015

The beat goes on and on and on and on and...[Aug. 10, 2015]

I love training! Sister Chappell is the She already has the first vision memorized and recited it in a lesson and she invited for baptism and got someone on date. She is the most easy going person on planet earth and is super, super humble.
We have had the CRAZIEST past few days since transfers. I don't even know what is making them crazy, we are visiting lots of members these days and seeing so many miracles. We had 3 investigators at sacrament, which was so awesome. Thankfully they were all in the ward, because in the branch there was a talk given and it was on the importance of families, but I think the word constitution was mentioned the most and polygamy was brought up and overall the spirit wasn't incredibly strong during it....bleg.
There is a giant contrast between district cultures from last transfer to this, considering only 3 of the 8 missionaries have stayed and E.Howell and E.Jones could not be more different. Both great missionaries, but very different ways to go about doing it. I think also, because it has been such a chaotic past few days it's just been stressful and we just all need to settle in and get our stuff together.
We met with a less active that pretty much only came to church, because her mom was in town, but I managed to get a return appt out of her and she was so nice! Her mom was also there and I think it helped to lighten things up. We got to know her well and the most miraculous thing of all....she just bought a cello and wants to learn....I think we'll be seeing more of her ;)
I think I influenced Sister Duffin more than I realized, by the time she left, she got a new haircut, bought makeup and pierced her ears. I turn my companions into babes...what can I say? Haha...okay, I didn't say I influenced her for the good necessarily.
Going to transfer devotional was hard! I hate saying goodbye to people and I knew so many of the people going home, so well! Two were my past companions and several I had worked closely with. It literally
feels like saying goodbye to your family every 6 weeks and it sucks.
This blog post is scattered and I don't have any pictures...I'm a terrible person. Oh also, I randomly fell down in the bathroom, because I slipped on nothing, it was ridiculous and I also am obsessed
with how many wrinkles I have by my eyes...I'm 22 going on 62. 

On that note, have a great week! Love you all!!!

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