Thursday, July 2, 2015

I've got nothing to fear in this city...[June 29, 2015]

Junction City. Pretty much everyone here is here because of the military or got stuck here because of the military. There is 5 sets of missionaries here. A senior couple that helps with military relations,
2 English sets of elders (one for the branch and on for the ward) a Spanish set of elders and us, sisters who cover the ward and branch.  Yeah, I went to 6 hours of church yesterday, along with a branch
council and ward council meeting. The branch and the ward are the same  size, they just have a branch, so that it can be dissolved quickly if the military gets rid of a lot of people fast or since they probably
need to change the branch president all the time because of the military, it's a lot easier to do.
We share 2 cars between the ward and branch elders. So next week we walk....yay....I was really worried about going into summer and then also going into to a walking/biking area, but recently I learned that its just all about your attitude and it will all work out if you have a good attitude.
Saturday was Sister Duffin's birthday. We jackhammered in the morning for this single sister who has a house in Milford and is trying to get
rid of her driveway. We had dinner with this member and because Sister Duffin couldn't come up with her favorite food, they gave us a smorgasbord to eat from.
The ward and branch here are soooo organized! They had handouts at their councils that had lists of the recent converts and less actives that they are worried about and they have specific people for them to work with. They also came up with members for our investigators that would be good fellowship.
There is just so many names that I can't remember and also this time of year there is soooo many people moving or coming in that it's almost not even worth trying to get everyone's name.
Its interesting how many similarities there are to the military and missionary work. So many acronyms (pcs, etd, tyd, etc) plus you keep getting moved and you are in a unit and it just goes on.
For some reason the sisters had a lot of referrals that were uncontacted. One of them was from the Spanish elders and it was this super nice lady. Her teenage daughter also sat in with part of the
lesson. When we invited her for baptism she was super excited and her daughter was excited to come to church. We got her a ride and she came and I don't know how much she liked it, because she's pretty quiet...but she was excited to go to the other young woman activities happening this week.

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