Monday, July 13, 2015

This girl is on fire...[July 13, 2015]

So last week we had an issue of finding people to teach, and we were talking to the District Leader. He mentioned that we should street contact together to learn of his ways (not his words, but close enough). Elder Howell is a street contacting guru, because he is very good at small talk and then bringing the Gospel in it. At one point a couple weeks ago we were walking to a pass off lesson and we passed this lady and I said hi and asked if we could give her a pass along card. She said no and went back to what she was doing. Well, the Elders were behind us and when we looked back they were talking to her and when they finish they tell us that they got a return appointment. yeah.
So we scheduled some time that we would go to visit potentials on foot and the Elders would come with us. Well, little did we know that a certain Zone Leader would be there as well on exchanges. He's to put it lightly the most prideful piece of Zone Leader I've come across. He also has been a District Leader's companion in my district before and has been in Elder Howell's district while E. Howell was District Leader. I think I used about every ounce of charity that was in my being that afternoon...and then I ran out. I just have real issue with people telling me I'm doing something wrong, when I know I'm not, but I definitely need to get better at expressing myself. I'm just not someone people can walk over and when they attempt to, it gets rough.
Last week was hard. Ever entry in my journal starts off with...Today was rough..... Lots of plans fell through and at one point that is too complicated to explain, we got stuck in Abilene and ended up late for a dinner appointment which is one of my biggest pet peeves. Sunday, made it worth it though. We tried about 5 or 6 people that we have tried for weeks and they ALL were home. It was fantastic. Overall, number wise we had a pretty good week, but we are having a hard time with all our progressing investigators...they aren't progressing.
We got this area book planner app where we are inputting our area book (yeah, its going to take forever) but we started with our investigators
and they all were so motivated to learn and repent and everything like a few months ago. But over the past month, they have started falling and just getting stuck. Like all of's weird. Elder Howell
helped us by reminding us what we learned with Elder Holland...we just need to bring them to where we are (like Nicodemus and what it means to be born again...or the woman at the well and what the living water is). So we tried it and it went nowhere. I think it's just time we had a teaching pool cleanse.
Something that I always think about is something that a Sister who was about to go home told me. Her last piece of advice was that there are so many different ways to do missionary work and things you can try and she said that there is no "right way" to do it. You just have to figure out what works for you and go with it. Always trying new things. I think that is something I can carry after I get back too.
There is no right way to be a bishop, or young womens president, or just member. You have to figure out what works for you and go with it.

Classy meets corny

Cornstalks on the way to Abilene


Jesus take the wheel...This was like a form
from an oil change we found awhile back
and it lists Christ as the driver.

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