Tuesday, July 7, 2015

and I would walk 10,000 more...[July 6, 2015]

We have 2 cars for 3 companionships, so we have a no car week every 3 weeks. This week was our turn and thankfully it wasn't too unbearably hot. On Wednesday, we went to this investigator the ward elders are passing off to us, because she's a single woman. My companion's bike tires were flat, so we decided to walk here. It took an hour and 5 minutes, but we made it! She wasn't home...later that day we also had our team-up cancel on us, so we had to cancel our appt because they are too far out. Then at 7:10 the elders called us asking if we were going
to coordination that started at 7....we thought it was canceled because our ward mission leader said he couldnt make it. Luckily a woman in our ward was a saint and drove us there.
We had a lesson with the girl and her mom I mentioned last week. She is so elect! In the middle of the lesson she would just turn to her mom and give her a glare, your coming this week mom, right!? YEEeess.
She didn't come, but the girl did and she even stayed for the break the fast they had afterwards. She is fitting in so well. I asked her after church what they learned about (I went with her last week to her
classes and this week she said she could just go by herself this week) she said ordinances and talked about the sacrament and everything. She doesn't have a baptismal date, because she wants to continue learning more, but when she does, she is going to be ready.
Yesterday in Relief Society we had a lesson about Feed My Sheep. When the Savior visits the Apostles and tells them to go and feed His sheep. There's this famous talk among missionaries by E. Holland who
mentions that the Apostles went back to fishing after the Savior died and when He comes back, He is reminding them the mission He called them on and they can't just go back to what they did before.
When we watched the Bible video yesterday I noticed how incredibly sad the Apostles looked as they were left without the Savior. It reminded me of those hard times you have when you feel a giant hole in your
stomach that you would give anything to fill. I think that's why Peter suggests they go fishing, it was what our modern day ice cream is. When the Savior does call on them I think He knew what the apostles were
going through and instead of rebuking Peter for going back to what he did before, I think it could also be looked at, that this is how Peter is going to fill his hole and how all of us can overcome the lows we
all have in life FEED MY SHEEP!

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