Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm waking up to ash and dust...[June 22, 2015]

The Lake Shawnee elders have wifi at their place, so we woke up to them calling us at 6:30 to tell us the transfer doctrine. My companion is training and I will be going to Junction City! Elder Kartchner will be whitewashing and training in Wichita. The Shawnee dream team is being torn apart :(
Topeka as a zone will be having 5 trainees in it! Supa cwazy.
This week has been so awesome.
Well, it started with dinner last Monday, we brought Morgan (a solid investigator in her early 20s) with us to a members house and they were awesome fellowship. Morgan spent p-day with us at the church and she waited with us outside our apartment for the member to pick us up and I think because it was close to our apartment I just got this overwhelming impression that Morgan has the potential to be a part of this work. Later that evening she even mentioned to the members that she is considering missionary work after she gets baptized. so cool. The members were also converts and shared the struggles they dealt with when joining the church.
The elders had a baptism this Saturday. Morgan went and another one of our investigators and they both progressed so much after feeling the strong spirit that is always at baptisms. Morgan is now on date for August 1st. The elders have been giving us flak about how far out it is, but she chose that date and she has a long road ahead of her for the many addictions she has to overcome. I know she can make it! Now I just have to find me a ride from Junk city to Topeka for her splashtism!
The Lake Shawnee elders have realized (probably since the second day of transfers) that Sis. Westwood and I are the two most gullible people ever and they have taken advantage of it since. They may or may not of convinced us of the following: they have a jackrussell terrier puppy named Jack in their apartment, E.Kartchner was zone leader, they are permanently getting their car taken away since they went over miles, the list goes on. Well, we got them back. I did this with a dif set of elders, but it was way funnier this time. E. Kartchner handed me their phone, because they both were about to baptize someone and he didn't want to forget about it in his pocket. Well, I changed their wall paper to a selfie with me and my comp. I changed the zone leaders to dads and district leader to mom and then I of course changed our number to President Bell. Well, we were waiting for the member to finish making dinner after the baptism and I gave them their phone back and I called them and they shreaked like little girls, President Bells calling us!! and they leapt and went into a room. I might've finally stopped laughing about ten minutes later.
For the baptism my comp volunteered us to sing Savior, Redeemer of my soul. Yeah, I've never sung for a performance in my life and we each soloed and then sang harmony. The harmony went great #sightsinging4thewin But the soloing was the scariest thing in my life. When we finally practiced with the piano my brain went like this. This is embarrassing. I'm an idiot, what was I thinking. Where's the closest cello....the camillettis. will they let me borrow it even though its tomorrow! Oh no, its tomorrow....ahhhhhhhh!!!
It ended up being okay, but it will be a mistake that will never be repeated.
On Friday, we got this cool challenge. Visit a member in the morning and have them pray that you will have a miracle that day. After the miracle happens follow up with what happened to the member. Well, our first lesson was with an investigator who is a little mentally handicapped. she sometimes is more there than other times and we feel we are still making a difference with visiting her so we stop by every once and a while.
She was having a bad day so we talked about prayer and I figured it would be awesome to have her pray. She said that she has prayed for a miracle for herself and it hasn't happened yet. I told her about Gods will. We invited her to pray for a miracle or us and she said, so what kind of miracle do you want. We explained that we didn't really know...maybe someone to teach or somehow we can really allow someone to come closer to Christ. She sighed and said, alright, Ill do it. Well, her prayer was super innocent and perfect. Let someone come into these ladies lives that they can help come closer to thee.
Later that evening we were potential hopping (my comp and I coined that. def: when you go from one potential investigators house to another seeing who's home and willing to let you in) We originally didn't have it in our plans, but when we arrived at dinner at a less active house she completely forgot about it and since we weren't anywhere near our house we got subway sandwiches and had time to kill.
Well we had this one potential named Zach. We tracted into him, he said he has been thinking about coming to church and we gave him info for the church, but he said he was pretty busy so he couldn't set up a time for us to come back to visit with his family. Not a lot of potential, but still interested and we wanted to see if he remembered about church. Well, when we stopped by his wife (or gf) and kids were home and they were adorable. She was super nice and interested and accepted a date to be baptized and all that jazz. We called the original investigator and she started, you better have had a miracle! yep!!

This balloon has been in the air since
my birthday 4 MONTHS AGO! yeah,
it finally started sinking last week
so now its eye level and we pretend
 like its our pet when we get home....okay
 I pretend like its my pet when we get home.
Hey, balloon pal! Im going
literally insane....its the water in Kansas...

On our way to Burlingame

E. Kartchner took this photo
without my knowledge last week and thanks to
airdropping everyone in the zone has it
and they air drop it to me whenever
I'm within air dropping range and they all
roll on the floor together laughing afterwards.
Yay for being the most unphotogenic person
on planet earth!

We were in Burlingame, a small city south of Topeka.
 The gps took us to a members house
and it said we had arrived and their was
no sign of civilization in sight...yay....but
we eventually found it.
We found out that the husband isn't
actually a member and is paranoid
so it was a miracle he didn't pull a gun on us
when we first pulled up...yay
for being a sister missionary!
The wife was super nice and sat with us for a bit.

Sisters in the Zone

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