Monday, June 8, 2015

Forget all your worries; Forget all your cares and go downtown...[June 1, 2015]

This week has just been one giant bowl of awesome.
We got our "digital technology training" really it was a 4 hour training turned 6 hours and ipads took up about an hour. It was with a 70- Elder Clark and he was hilarious! It was fantastic and I learned how to be a better missionary/person. I would be more specific, but I have the memory of a goldfish (my comp can testify) and I forgot my notes.
We are working with investigators that our actually progressing...only took about 3 1/2 months. One girl we went to visit and she committed that she would quit smoking within a week. We were calling her every night to see how it was going (when we have fb we can just stalk them on that.) Yeah, it's about 10x a day that I have to point out ways that having an ipad will make our lives incredibly easier. They obviously talked about ways missionaries misuse ipads in the training and obviously porn was brought up and people that are addicted to it and then they talked about how we will use facebook. I realized that I am/was completely addicted to that. Hopefully by the end of this, I will have more self-control. Wow side tangent, anyways, back to the girl who "quit" smoking. Well we visited her on Friday, and she needed to stop that day. We were sitting down and she's like, "guys, yeah, I don't know about that smoking thing, I don't think I can do it."  I was like....what?....and then broke out the BOM and slayed her with the sword of the Spirit and got all pumped, like I literally was out of my seat jumping up and down saying she can do it. She jumped up and was like you're right and got her last two packs of cigarettes and we ripped them all up. She's getting baptized on the 13th.
We were walking the other day and ran into a teenager and talked a bit with her. We asked if we could talk with her again...and surprisingly she said yes and gave us her address and we went back...and surprisingly it was the right address...and surprisingly she was expecting us...and surprisingly she accepted everything we said...and surprisingly she said she'll come to church...and surprisingly she has transportation to get there...and surprisingly she also accepted a date to get baptized. Meeruhcuhls.
Here's the ironic statement of the day. My companion is Asian and detests eating fish. Well, it was quite entertaining when a member fed us fish fry this week (which by the way is delicious) and she covered the fish in potatoes and tartar sauce. She looked close to hurling at times. I love my companion.
Sister Westwood has pointed out that at about 3:00 every day I remember who is feeding us that night and every time I say, oh yeah they are the best family to eat with. I say that about literally everyone though, because I'm a garbage disposal and all the members are over the top nice here.
We were in charge of the lesson for 5th Sunday and it went so well! We set it up all nice and Bro. Scerbo (wml) printed off these posters and fliers that we put on all the seats. We talked about family mission plans and members shared these awesome missionary experiences and it was the Bro. Scerbo texted saying he has been getting some good feedback and people are now excited for family mission plans! Yay!
So much to write, so little time!
At the beginning of my mission I came out because I was being obedient to a prompting Heavenly Father gave me. I didn't really care what happened on my mission, where I was going or anything, I just knew this is what He wanted me to do and I'll go get it done and come back. Well, now that I've been here a bit I'm realizing He wants me here because I'm a prideful piece of work and only through a mission would He be able to help me recognize several of my many weaknesses. I've recently been realizing so many that I've been making a list since last week and it's ever growing and maybe at the end of about 10 lifetimes will I be able to make a dent. Now it's just a matter of creating spiritual steps for myself and realizing the dents that I am making. Small drops of awesome.
I love this work! Keep missionaries in your prayers, cuz we need them!

5th Sunday Presentation


Lake Shawnee Crew

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