Monday, June 15, 2015

Where you lead, I will follow...[June 15, 2015]

So the Elders have an investigator that is preparing for baptism as  well as her boyfriend. They originally were going to get married and  we went dress shopping with her last Monday. So a couple days ago the  Elders were figuring out their baptism program and they asked her who  she wants to give her the Holy Ghost and she said Sister  Westwood....they had to explain Priesthood and the fact that men have that responsibility. Then they asked who she wanted to say the prayers  and she said Sister Westwood for the opening and the closing....who's  the one that follows her around?? Uh...Sister Seymour? Yeah her!! :(
 It's okay, because a few weeks ago we were sitting with this little girl that's in the ward and she never can remember my name and she whispered in my companions ear....what's your mommy's name and points  to me...awkward....

We got our iPads at Zone Conference and they are AWESOME. We've done  it a couple times where we talk with someone on the street and show them because of him or something and their whole countenance just  changes. It also has completely changed how we study because we can really focus on a subject for an investigator or stuff like that.

We can also check our emails during the week, but we can only reply back on Monday.

Long story: the most annoying hour is 10am, because that's when studies end, but that's too early to eat lunch and kinda too early to visit anyone. If you're in training that's when you do your training studies and sometimes they have like the Book of Mormon challenge where we use that hour to study it, but most the time we are just lost of what to do. Well, we also don't live in our area so we can't just leave and come back for lunch because we don't have miles for that.

We luckily found out that a lady whose records our in our ward lives in the nursing home across the street from our apartment. So we visited her 3 different days and she was sleeping every time. Then we had dinner with a lady in the Relief Society Presidency and she told us the lady was in the hospital so that week we went to the hospital to see her and she was pretty out of it, but we finally got to talk with her. Her husband is a less active member and he was there as well and was nice. He said that she was doing well and would be back in the nursing home Saturday, but at Ward Council that Sunday we found out she passed away the day after we saw her. We went to her funeral this morning. Going to funerals always helps me bring things into perspective. It's like going to a transfer devotional where you hear the testimonies of missionaries going home. There is an end to all of this, so what are we doing now about it?

Ashlyn shaved half her head
so we also took a selfie


Who's up for a selfie
after daily planning!

 FHE playing whiffle ball

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