Monday, May 4, 2015

2 down 10 to go...[May 4, 2015]

Well I shook an apostles hand this week, so I guess you could say that was a bit of a highlight. Elder Holland visited and everyone in the mission went to Wichita and he laid it down. Well after he shook our hands and looked into our soul. People like have described it like that, but really he just looks you in the eye as you tell him your name and where you're from and he just emanates charity. It was as close to shaking the hand of the Savior as you could get. The only difference is Elder Holland doesn't know everything about you, I still felt like he understood where you were at and he truly and earnestly cared.
He was so close to the Spirit and you could tell that he was receiving mad revelation as to what he was going to say as the other speakers were talking. Then he just ripped us apart, in the loving/yelling/passionate way Elder Holland does.
One of the things he mentioned was the story of the woman at the well. She is a Samaritan and the second Jesus started talking with her she asked why He (a jew) was talking with her and then later when the apostles came back they asked each other why Christ talked with her and then he yelled, don't ask why you are talking with people!!! We are in the talking business!! Open your mouth. The one thing that would make the KWM fail is if someone told all of you to just stop talking. That's what the adversary did to Joseph Smith when he was about to pray and receive the First Vision.
He also talked a lot about allowing your Mission to change you. He told us to be intense and change forever and then made us all feel like hypocrites as he said that is exactly what we are asking people/investigators to do. He told us that we are all God's investigators and that we are already new people with new testimonies, how could we ever go back?
We also had a lesson this week with an investigator who we have been seeing for about 2 months. Our District Leader and his companion came as well, because they like to do a joint lesson once a transfer to make sure we aren't failing at teaching. Well at the beginning she mentioned that she found out some news since we last saw her and that she was pregnant. The father is her neighbor....AWKward. The Elders just had this look of what did we get ourselves into. Well, later that week we asked her if she would want a priesthood blessing and she said yes, so we got the Elders to do it and in the same lesson we had this awesome team-up and then she accepted a date, after 2 months of just not progressing. Miraculous.
Well, as the District Leader was following up with how we did in the joint lesson he left to make a copy and I took his phone and changed our name to President Bell and he came back and we were planning on calling him, but then he was looking through his messages and must've seen texts we sent him, with now President Bell as the name and he was like WHAT THE? and looked at his companion, did you text President, but then he realized that we changed it. It was kind of hilarious.
Jordy, Ben's son, who is
the cutest 6 year old ever.

Sister Westwood and I, exhausted
after driving to Wichita and back and
having to wake up at 4am.

Sister Westwood, Me, Ben,
Elder Bradshaw's arm
(you can't trust Elders to get a good pic)
Elder Bradshaw and Elder Seamons.


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