Monday, May 11, 2015

No one else can feel it for you; only you can let it in...[May 11, 2015]

This last past week has either been pouring buckets of rain or just being warm and muggy and one such day we were walking down the street and after being rejected from a lady that was just sitting on her porch, we walked, shoulders hunched, trying to find the next house to knock when we hear someone yell, hey you wanna drink!? We look around and I see Vince, this guy that we talked with a couple weeks ago, who wasn't interested, but super friendly. We walked over and he said, I would offer you a beer, but I know better. He went in to get us some water as we played with the cutest little dog ever.
We now have walked about every street in Montara, so we have a lot of such guardian angels. One is named Jason and honks his horn whenever he sees us and another is Lucy who is a retired divorcee and spends probably every second of her day in her front and back yard which has no grass and is filled with all sorts of plants. She gave me some sort of flower that I named Fred. It sat in our car all day, so it got a little weepy, but I took it home and put it in a tupperware container and filled it with dirt. It'll take a miracle to keep it alive.
Now we just need to get these people interested in the gospel! We have been getting a lot of new investigators lately, so that is great. It's always people that you don't think would be interested. One such lady we knocked into and she seemed very iffy at first, but we started asking about her family and she opened up. We taught the plan of salvation and she invited us again for next week. As we walked away, we were about a block away when her 5 year old daughter comes up and tells us we have to come help her pick up her blocks and she grabs my wrist with a firm grip and would not let go. She drags us back to her house to help her pick up her blocks she spilled out. Her mom was super embarrassed she did that, but it was hilarious.
Tuesday, an investigator had a school orchestra concert and we got permission to go, so that was lots of fun, they were pretty good, it was super weird seeing an orchestra, though, but delightful.
In Topeka people are very possessive of the street in front of their house, we've had people come out of their house and ask us why we just parked in front of it. Also, we've learned that it's no bueno parking across from someone's driveway, because we also had some guy yell at us about that, because what if he had to leave his house, then he would have to turn when he backed out!
On Saturday, we had a zone training and part of it, they gave us small paper swords and we wrote our "weapons of rebellion" (Alma 24:15-19) or things that we feel we should leave behind to make us more consecrated for the work. Then we went out back and put them in a hole the zone leaders made in the back of the church and we all took a turn putting dirt back in the hole.
I got to skype my family on Sunday, so that was awesome! It was great seeing all their faces.

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District breakfast at Denney's
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