Monday, April 27, 2015

It goes like this, the 4th the 5th...[Apr. 27, 2015]

Well, this week started off with interviews with president which for some reason stressed me out, but it went good, he was super happy with what we've been doing here and said that I've reached, "my pivot point" which slightly bothered me. I was like well, I'm just doing what I did before and he said well you're just using the atonement to carry you and I was like yeah, but don't hate me if you just jinxed this week. Okay, I really didn't say that last part, but I wish I had, because he did.
I'm okay with that though, because these weeks humble you and because I feel like it's STL prevention, because the only thing worse than exchanges with the STL's is having an STL as a companion which would happen if you were an STL...I'm guessing it actually would be pretty nice because they would work hard, but it would depend on the sister.
We had a training from the AP's during interviews and at one point I made a comment that letting investigators know our vision for them is like Nephi's vision that he tried explaining to his son's Laman and Lemuel and Nephi had to go find out for himself what the vision was. It made no sense and Elder Jones looked so confused when I said my comment. It was like an awful confused glare. Halfway through the training I turned to my companion and asked if I really said Nephi's vision and she said yeah....and I was mortified and didn't make a comment the rest of the training, until the very end when Elder Jones was asking people to say what revelation they received during the training and he called on me and I told them that when they asked us if we love our missions and how do we show we love it, I was thinking well heck yeah I love my mission and then I got the thought, really?
You loved it last Wednesday when you had a huge headache and no one was answering their doors and you were dog tired? You loved it then? I realized that I don't love every little aspect of my mission, but I can through the atonement, if I let it carry me through the hard times. Yeah, I definitely over think what I say for comments.
On Thursday we spent two hours in Montara in the early afternoon walking around and then we got a ride to Carbondale and spent the rest of the day there visiting less actives and had a dinner with a member there. We found out that night that the elders ran into three different people in Montara that said they had just talked with sisters right before them. They must have walked the same route we took...gotta get to them before they do!
Our investigator that ran away is still missing with a reward for who finds her.
We have investigators who are children of record, but not baptized and we saw them walking down the road so we pulled over and walked with them and talked with them and they are just the cutest! They want to go to church and get baptized, but their parents are just not seeing how church will help them. We have been working with them since I've been here, but the mom dropped us yesterday, so that was super sad.
My aunt visited this week!! She sent a pic to my mom, so hopefully she puts it on here.

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