Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't think of anything, just pick something...[May 18, 2015]

We found out the day that my brother is coming home from his mission (Mexico Puebla North Mission) and my mom said it was Jan. 20th, just a few days after me, then I contacted my brother and he said really he's coming home Jan. 21st which is the same exact day I'm going home! Crazy stuff. We get to be awkward RM's together...yay....
Well, I was counting down the days until we get ipads which would be 9 days today, but just found out that we aren't getting them when they are having the Mission wide training, but weeks later. I'm shedding tears right now, okay not really, but it's a sad day.
Oh, I also found out that I'm staying for another transfer. Since last transfer was 7 weeks, this transfer is only 5 weeks. This is the longest I have ever been in an area. Being somewhere one transfer, the members won't even acknowledge your presence a couple weeks later, because they don't remember you at all. The second transfer they would atleast say hey to you in the hallway or something. Third transfer is perfect. Anything after that you have a hard time keeping faith up for the area and need to get. out.
So I have an alarm set for 6:10 every morning which I snooze for 5 minutes and contemplate the meaning of life and then I get up and do this awesome dance work out. It's with Tracey Anderson and she is the bomb. I feel like I'm cheating on Sister Michaels (Jillian Michaels) but Tracey says things like I hope you're having as much fun as I am and she just keeps you moving the whole time, rather than Jillian who is constantly having you do exercises on the ground which is way to tempting to "rest" for a bit and she yells things like you better be dripping sweat right now. Things like that are normally what motivate me, but when my brain realized that Jillian won't be coming out of the DVD player to pummel me if I don't do her exercises it's now a moment of rebellion when I don't follow her.
Well, Wednesday I accidentally turned the alarm off instead of putting it on snooze. So we slept in til 6:45, which I felt bad about and then I felt weird not exercising, so I decided to throw some squats in. Well, I did 15 and then it was like, hey those aren't bad I can do some more, well about 40 more and I went to take a shower and then 24 hours later my legs felt like something with giant claws shredded my thighs.
We had dinner with the elders quorum president and he was telling us this story that Elder Holland told them during the Leadership Meeting. There was this man who found a marvelous pearl in his field that just was amazing and he wanted to be able to show everyone. Well, he decided if he wanted to put it on display he needed to create this awesome box to put it in. He went abroad to find the best wood to put it together and then he spent tons of time handcrafting it and then putting gold trim on it. Well, when it finally was on display thousands of people came to view it and when they left what they mentioned about was the box and didn't even notice the pearl. He was comparing this to what we do for the church. Our we too focused on the box or the activities or just extra stuff we do or do we focus on the pearl and the original foundation of the gospel of Christ.
Well, on Thursday, as we were eating these awesome homemade crunchwraps with the Jackson's. We were getting ready to go to this Relief Society activity and we texted this investigator last minute to see if she could make it. We told her there was an activity that night and we could give her a ride. (we were going with a member) Unfortunately I accidentally sent it to the Zone Leaders instead. They were super confused why we were inviting them to an activity and then inviting to drive them.....
How to make homemade crunchwraps. big flour tortilla, taco meat, nacho cheese, tostada shell, sourcream, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese and small tortilla then wrap it up crunchwrap style and put it on the stove. yum.
We found this whole Micronesian family that is super nice and interested. It's just unfortunate, because they don't speak a whole lot of english...this should be interesting. We also found another guy we talked with on the street. He said he remembered talking with me before, it must've been with Sister Blood, totes don't remember him...awkward! Well, he was interested as well and came to Stake Conference and he said he felt really comfortable there, which is a miracle because the adult session he came to was all on Ward Council and there was even a speaker who just read from the handbook...God works in Mysterious ways. He really wants to change and he seems motivated so that should be good. Yeah, he's definitely passed off to the Elders.

Some bullet holes in a house we knocked....
good news no one  lives there!
It's the same apartment complex
we found both the guy I just talked about
and the Micronesian family.

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