Monday, April 20, 2015

You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time...[Apr. 20, 2015]

I used to always have awesome weeks and then the next week would crash and then an awesome week again and my mission followed this pattern, but last week was awesome (the AP's even texted us that night congratulating us on our awesome week) and then this week happened and yep, it was even awesomer...dare I say legend-wait for it-dary.
2 things attribute to these awesome weeks. The first being that it's just all from God. I have an awesome companion who kicks me in the bum and makes me always want to give my all and we teach really well together. She connects really quick with people on their doorstep and I can turn any conversation gospel related through a bom scripture. The second that I'm learning to set my pace. I talked about this a couple weeks ago, but it really is making all the difference. I'm not letting other people push me, I'm going at what I know I can handle and it is the pace God wants me to go. He doesn't want us stressed out, but he wants us living our potential. We need to be pushing ourselves, but in a healthy way. Living in a way where we'll truly have no regrets.
Update on the same girl that I thought had the made up boyfriend in my last blog: Well, the boyfriend is real. They got a new staff who is really nice and one day we visited and she was off with her boyfriend, but we came back later and we just had a long awkward chastity filled lesson. She's not super right in her mind, so our conversation didn't make sense. She committed to come to church, but didn't show, so we visited and her staff said she had ran away with her boyfriend the night before. So she is currently AWOL and we don't know what will happen when they eventually find her. She couldn't have gone far, because the only thing around Montara where she lives is tons of fields. Unless they hitch hiked they are probably still somewhere around there.
We had exchanges this week and they were the least stressful exchanges I've ever went on. I don't know why they give me such anxiety, well I do, it feels like I'm being tested, because randomly throughout the day the STL will write things down that she noticed or she will make super judgmental's great, but our STL's now are super chill and you can actually tell they just care about how you're doing.
We had this one dinner last week where we sat around this portable fireplace and it was delightful. They made all sorts of meat on it and I felt like I was at a brazilian grill. Also, the classic grilled corn. My comp and I decided to not have sweets and we have a sign on our wall saying how many days we've gone without sweets, but when exchanges happened we went to this one lady's house and I was worried she'd be offended if I didn't eat dessert, so I partook. I felt soooo bad, what would we do with the sign?! Well after feeling like I failed my companion...I sheepishly asked her the next day, so um..did you have dessert yesterday... she sheepishly answered yes and I was like ME TOO! We high fived and the sisters around us were super confused. Comp unity at it's finest.

A house had this sign on it's side
while we were tracting this week.
At first I was like hey!
We can tell them the answer to that question.
Then I read the rest of the sign and
we chose life instead. 

Westboro Baptist church decided to picket
our building this week.

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