Monday, April 13, 2015

We're halfway there; livin' on a prayer...[Apr. 13, 2015]

Yup, this Tuesday is my true halfway mark....crazy!!! Like how did I even get here?
This past week was amazing! I gave the most lessons in one week than I have my whole mission as well as went on the most team-ups whoot whoot! Sister Westwood is awesome and we just balance each other out so well.
We got this new investigator that was a referral from the Elders and she is a bit interesting....she lives with a roommate who also is interesting and they have "staff" with them 24/7 that are kind of like their guardians. Well, she was super interested, she also gets super sidetracked. I recited the First Vision and I could tell she was thinking of something else and when I finish she looks at me and asks, is being gay a sin? Ummmm, no, but acting on it is, now back to the Prophet of the Restoration.
Well, one day we visited and she was on the phone with her boyfriend and so we waited about 10 mins and she came out. Then the next time we saw her we asked if her boyfriend would be interested in coming to church. She said yes, but she would have to ask his staff and she didn't think they would listen to her, so she told us to go see him ourselves and said that he lives at this certain address, well turns out that it is just a couple houses down from her. So we went to this house and it was completely vacant. Okay, there's a possibility she's schizo...
One day this week I had a really bad headache, so I took 2 Tylenol. Then I realized after an hour it was only getting worse, so I decided in an effort to not overdose to just take 1 more, but then after a bit, my head was still throbbing and it was also foggy. I also was yawning uncontrollably and had absolutely no motivation to go knock doors. So we stopped by this gas station and I downed a liter of diet coke, it was the first time I had caffeine in like 6 months, so an hour later I had to go to the bathroom so bad and my hands were shaking, but man, my headache was totes taken care of.
Well, this week, I realized I had my recital CD and I listened to the part where I explain the last piece I'm going to play, but then I had to turn it off, because I realized how stupid/valleygirl/boring I sounded. It was the first time I ever listened to it, but it ruined me for the week, now I'm super self-conscious about how socially awkward I am. Self-consciousness is something I have definitely gained on my mission and it's a good/bad thing. I think. I don't know. I feel like I haven't really changed much at all on my mission, but I'm sure I have, I just am in the midst of it, so I don't know.
After dinner with the Scerbo's one day we were walking in Montara and it was cold, so Sister Westwood was like we should go running, because it'll make us warmer, so I, of course, remembered that one Friends episode where Phoebe decides to go running with Rachel and while they're running Rachel realizes Phoebe runs like a mania with her arms flailing and Phoebe later explains to her that it makes running fun that way and Rachel tries it one day and was like, whoa, Phoebe was right. So naturally I had to demonstrate how Phoebe was running to Sister Westwood and then we hear the elders and Ben cracking up behind us. Haha, okay maybe I'm not becoming self-conscious at all.
We had a Zone Training last week and I learned something that had nothing to do with what they were training on. I learned that if we want to understand the atonement and how to apply it, we have to understand charity. The Atonement was only done out of complete charity and the best way to get out of any tough trial we are going through is to have charity.

After a zone lunch I was sitting and talking
with Sister Mitchell (my old comp)
and her trainee (sister Hansen)
and I had this sudden urge to just
throw something,
wow it sounds like I was mad,
but I wasn't just wanted to set something flying.
So naturally the only thing I had
was the phone in my hand and I figured
if it really breaks from this then I would just get
a brick (the new phones their issuing out)
 and obvs Sister Blood wouldn't mind,
cuz she was leaving and my new comp
would just never know the reason
why we had a crappy brick phone.
  Well, I yelled out to Elder Wright
and Sister Blood was randomly taking a picture
at the same time and caught the phone in motion,
it's the black blur next to Elder Hunt's face.
Did Elder Wright catch it?
Did it break after skidding across half the gym?
This was before transfers, but coincidentally,
everyone in the pic is still in our zone.

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