Monday, October 6, 2014

Even If Things Get Heavy We'll All Float On...[Oct. 6, 2014]

Have you ever had one of those conversations where it starts off okay, but then by the end you realized it ruined your day and the rest of your week is shot. I'm starting to realize serving a foreign language mission can't be that bad. Something I get asked constantly, especially more annoyingly after people find out my major, is what I want to do when I grow up. My favorite answer now, is to live as a hermit in the mountains in a nice small house just big enough for a library, cello studio and tons of potted shrubbery, along with 2 big dogs and a tiny one and a couple cats. I'll have to start rumors somewhere along the line that I'm a crazy or something so that my self-proclaimed hermitage will continue uninterrupted. Kids will walk and see in the distance my tiny cottage in the mountains and they'll be like, crazy Sister Seymour lives there, then I'll start playing my cello and they'll run away.

In the meantime, I guess I have to learn to communicate with people. Even Elders, who, if I remind them 5 times, still forget to put a piece of paper we need from them in their bags. I've learned that the Lord works through imperfect people, but he still works through them. Even though the conversation I had that ruined my week was a bit of a misunderstanding and judgmental, I still learned things that I need to work on. They encourage us to always have a specific Christlike attribute to work on and I always knew that I had a great love for my investigators, but I'm realizing that I didn't have that same charity towards the missionary leadership. To quote myself in like every lesson I've ever given, it's all a progression. Or in the words of Elder Jorg Klebingat, "Acknowledge and face your weaknesses, but don't let them disable you. Some may be your companion until you leave this life."

There isn't too much to update on investigators, we finally went and saw Barbara, and she told us they didn't come to church because her nephew wanted to get a hair cut or something. He apparently doesn't like the fact that he's prematurely balding. Does anyone have a toupee?

In other news, I found the secret to how to make out of this world spaghetti sauce. First, ground the beef with Worcestershire sauce and basil. Then put it in a crockpot with garlic salt, Parmesan cheese, and this is key, two different tomato sauces. Like mushroom prego and off brand 3 cheese. As long as they both have distinct different flavor, that works. Then, you let the flavors work together in a crockpot all day, and in the words of that really annoying television cook--forgot his name, bam, amazing spaghetti sauce.

Okay, this was a whole lot of random, but whatever. I'm loving this thing called Fall and I'm PUMPED for it to turn into Winter. I now have "The Four Seasons" stuck in my head. I hope whoever is reading this has a fantastic week and I love you all!

Oh, btw go to and request it in your area, it takes 600 requests for it to come and they showed us some test runs of people watching it and it's a great missionary tool. Then, go opening weekend, (this coming weekend) because based on how many people watch it the more media will be on it. I've already seen it twice and it's pretty good, of course the last movie I saw was like half my life ago, so that might be biased...

 We found the worlds tiniest park
while tracting and took a swing break.

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