Monday, September 29, 2014

Pivot! pivot! pivot!...[Sept. 29, 2014]

Our Ward Mission Leader moved this Saturday and as we were watching the elders move his $50 upright piano out the front door, I couldn't help but yell, "pivot!" as a true "Friends" fanatic would. Our new Ward Mission Leader, I'm very excited to work with--especially since he speaks both French and Spanish and we happen to have a potential new French speaking investigator and a Spanish speaking less active who will ONLY speak Spanish to me, one language of which I have absolutely no training in. Yeah, those 3 1/2 years of French class didn't help much as well, so let's not talk about that.
We had a funny encounter the other day, we were tracting in a neighborhood and there was a young boy and girl standing in their driveway, they were probably early twenties. We walked up to them and introduced ourselves and asked if they were religious at all, they said no, and then I asked, "Do you believe in God?" The girl said, "yeah", and then I was like, "Do you have a relationship with him?" She points to the boy and was like, "No, we're just friends." It took me half a second to catch what just happened, and she realized as well and was laughing and red and we were all just standing there laughing. The boy was just shaking his head. I told them we were glad we could define that for them as we walked away.
As a side note, we found out before Sister's Conference this Tuesday that the President got a call and found out we are now the highest baptizing mission in North America. Pretty cool, but crazy, because I was always told how many baptisms happen in Utah, especially Provo. The Elders didn't even believe me when I told them, but I swear it's straight from the President's lips.
I have been borrowing my companion's Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno DVD, and after a few days of it I finally was able to make it from start to finish. Don't judge. At the very end you are on your back and she keeps talking (it's quite a different experience than the insanity work out that I was doing before my mission). She asked you to think about why you just did the work out you did, and really get deep, not just because you want to be healthier, but because you want to fit into those skinny jeans or because you want to wear that cute swimsuit. It's kind of embarrassing to say, but I think Jillian Michaels changed my perspective in life, for the rest of the week, every action I take, I now ask the big question, "WHY?"
WHY am I trying to convince this person church is awesome? ...because I want to count them as an investigator at church, or because I know they will gain so much from going. WHY did I take the sacrament? WHY am I asking these people that question? WHY am I frustrated with this investigator? WHY do I feel like talking with those people? WHY am I upset with the elders now? Our bishop talked in ward conference this week and asked us to ask ourselves if we are just going through the motions. I think a big part of figuring that out is asking yourself, "WHY?"
I ask why a lot more when I am with investigators as well, oh you read the Book of Mormon, WHY? You are trying to quit smoking, WHY? What is motivating you?
Anna didn't answer her door all week until a couple days ago, and she kept avoiding gospel subjects. In the end told us to not waste our time coming back, and we should spend it with someone more worthy. It was really sad. On a happier note, remember Barbara? I mentioned her like a month ago...she had a blessing from the Elders and was going great, but her sister said she couldn't do it anymore. So she attempted to give us back the Book of Mormon, but we convinced her to keep it so she hid it in her porch chair. Well, we keep stopping by every couple weeks, and last week I started mentioning her to all the members to pray for her sister's heart to be softened. Last time we stopped by, we met her nephew, who apparently lives with them and pays for everything (the sister is his mom). Well, he took a Book of Mormon, but he was like acting weird, and I didn't know how interested he actually was. But we met with them again last week, and he actually read it and had a lot of good questions. Apparently, his mom can't do anything about him being interested, so he committed to come to church with Barbara this Sunday! They didn't show, so that was sad, but it still is super exciting! Progress can happen!!
We had two investigators come yesterday that are 12 and 11 year old sisters. They had such a hard time sitting still and when it reached the end of sacrament, they started having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. I actually had to sit in between them.... #sitterstatus .... It was actually really funny. I love teaching kids, I just hope they get something out of it! We also are teaching 4 part member families. Love it!

In the car to Sisters Conference in Junction City.

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