Monday, October 13, 2014

Wichitawesome...[Oct. 13, 2014]

Well, it's here, companion got a training packet a couple weeks ago. So at first we were like, well, I guess I'm leaving because your getting a trainee, but then I realized hey maybe you're just followup training like me and going somewhere else. Yesterday, I mentioned this to a member we LOVE and she was like "hmmm...let me look at both of you and see who is leaving." She said I was, and then gave me three huge hugs. I was like, "NO, I'M NOT!" and she then was like..."Well, you're in denial." Then, she turned to my companion and was like..."We're feeding you next Sunday, what do you want?" and she said, "Pancakes." I WANT PANCAKES!
Well, last night, we found out that my companion got the training packet on accident...and then this morning, we found out that we are both getting pulled from College Hill, here in Wichita and no sisters are coming to replace us!! I guess you never know with transfers. I'll be in Goodland, near Garden City. My District Leader just sent a text saying, "There, I called it...Sis Seymour is in Goodland...translation for middle of--NO WHERE! Hahaha been there!"-- He's dead to me.-- My current companion had a really hard time getting along with her first companion and she talked about it a lot, now that companion is going to be my new companion. I'm trying super hard to go into it open minded!
That leaves all our investigators to the Elders, including a 12 and 11 year old girl who live with their single mom, which would be super weird for them to teach. Also, we have an older man who refuses to see Elders, because he claims they act like they know everything. He just started progressing, quit smoking and his wife was so happy we were finally making a difference. I know transfers are inspired...what's supposed to happen will happen; meaning their agency is going to be t-e-s-t-e-d.
On a side note, I was sitting in our last district meeting and eating this amazing Panera Bread pesto cheese-filled pasta creation when we were talking about Kneaders. I have worked with one of the Elders for 3 months, the other one 6 weeks, and there was a third. Well, the one I knew forever was like, "wow, you know a lot about Utah stuff, do you have family there?" I was like, "No, I went to BYU for three years before I came out." He was like dumbfounded and was like, "How old are you?" I was like, "Um, 21" and then in succession they each said, "You don't look 21, you don't act 21. Wow, you went to BYU for three years and didn't get married." --They're all dead to me as well.--
I should probably explain about the man in white below. It's a bit odd that the baptisms thus far on my mission are older men. I really think I have the soul of an old geezer...we just connect somehow. Well, he recently got married to a lady in our ward, and they were together before and raised 2 kids. He had taken the lessons with her, but she moved to Wichita and got baptized. Well, I felt like he needed to get baptized right away, and so we taught the last 4 lessons in 45 minutes (which is probably a record that isn't one you should strive for). But he took it all really well...and well, I guess we found it was a good thing later, because we would be leaving anyways. Also, coincidentally we haven't had any new investigators these past 2 weeks which we felt really bad about, but that makes the lives of the Elders less overwhelming which is a lot better. Meaning, investigators won't get lost in the shuffle.
Now, how to make the best pancakes in the world. Take any type of pancake mix and put in a lot of cinnamon, a little bit of nutmeg and almond extract and cook them. Then you can top with some homemade butter syrup if you so desire, but they're also good with plan maple yummy!
The other picture--the one with the tarot card palm reader. (furture, not a typo, it's what the sign says, in case you don't get that) : Time to see what the furture holds!



Time to see what the "furture" holds...

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