Monday, September 28, 2015

Put a Little Love in your Heart...[Sept 28, 2015]

You know you're a missionary when a member comes up to give you a  compliment on your skirt and then tells you if you had plans to burn it before you leave, give it to her instead. It was my black and white vertical striped skirt. I think I'll keep it.
To preface the next compliment I was was raining and we biked to her house, of course wearing helmets. I left my hair to dry and it was -Hermione in the first two movies- level of frizz. She said I had beautiful long hippie hair. #flowerpower

Gloriah got baptized! Such a sweet experience. She shared her testimony afterwards and it was so awesome! She just has a pure testimony of the commandments and the importance of your relationship with God, rather than just going through the motions.

At dinner last Monday I felt something licking my leg and I looked down expecting a dog, but it was their enormous cat.

The broadcast on Saturday was awesome! Sarah brought a friend and it was cool talking with her. I really enjoyed the last video in it and my favorite line was when she said she didn't feel like she had to get to know me before she loved me. This is one occasion where fake it til you make it DOESN'T apply. Because we all run into those people who put on a front when you first meet them and then they ignore you every other time. I think there just needs to be more unconditional Christ-like love in this world. Of course, like everything it starts with you and I think especially with showing love for others it spreads like wildfire and pretty soon, maybe not ALL over the world but at least in you're little microcosm, people will reflect what they see in you.

The Spanish elders bailed us out
when it started pouring rain. They
made us get a pic though.

 Sister Chappell, me, Gloriah
and Jack Peko, President Downing 

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