Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Got Soul, but I'm not a Soldier...[Sept. 14, 2015]

Yesterday was one of those Felix Felicis days. I might've mentioned this before, but it's like when Harry takes it to get information from Slughorn. After he takes it he decides to go see Hagrid and Hermione is like, "what are you doing, you're supposed to go see Slughorn," and he's like, "I just have a really good feeling about Hagrid, I'm going to go see Hagrid,"
 and of course that's how everything works out for him in the end. Well, yesterday we were talking to the elders and they were getting on our case about our investigator Gloriah, she didn't make it to church and they were like do you want to see her get baptized....uh, yeah....then they mentioned do you want us to go see her. Which struck a chord for me like they didn't trust us and I started walking away so I wouldn't get too defensive, but they kept picking at it. I finally got away and we were walking to Gospel Principles and I was chanting CHARITY NOW! Like the quote from Seinfeld...Serenity now! When we get into Gospel Principles guess what the lesson was on....So Sister Seymour, What's the definition of charity? God has a dad-like sense of humor.
So Gloriah was priority uno. She is super solid and I've been teaching her this whole time I've been here. She just has a hard time keeping appointments. We went to her house to drop in and as I was sitting in the car about to get out, I felt like, you just need to go to Amy and Sarah's. I didn't know if we needed to necessarily take Sarah on a team-up with us, but we needed to see them. (Sarah is the girl that got baptized a couple weeks ago) So we drive to post and see Sarah. She was at work, but we talked with her sister Amy a bit and we mention we wanted to take Sarah, because she is pretty good at helping us open people up, which we wanted to do for Gloriah. Well, Amy said she was at work, but her husband Garrett said that her work is super chill and they don't really have set hours, so she can leave early, so we followed him to her job and she came out and said to Garrett, DID YOU CALL THEM?
We find out that she planning on getting another nose ring right after work and we told her we just felt like we needed to see her and she was like Jesus, you can't do this, I need to get that nose ring.
Totally acknowledging it wasn't just a coincidence and it wasn't us. She agrees to come with us, but when we try to see Gloriah, she wasn't available until a couple hours later. Then we visit a couple other people and Sarah is getting antsy because the place she was going to get her nose pierced was closing soon. I totally laid it out for her. I was like you can go right now if you want. We aren't going to stop you, we aren't going to be mad at you, but you know this is not what your Heavenly Father wants you to do. She kept addressing Christ saying, Jesus, no I earned money to get it done, I've been looking forward to it. All this stuff. I honestly didn't even care, because she already has a nose ring which she was planning on taking out and the one she is getting she can hide easily, but this is for some reason a turning point decision God is having her make. Well, she decided to go for it, but by the time she made that decision she was out of time and they closed. She was pretty upset...I really hope not at us. But I think she recognized that it was a decision between her and God. Let's hope.
We saw Gloriah without her and Gloriah had visited Salt Lake the week before and she visited the temple and felt right about getting baptized on October 3rd. So happy for her!!
We found out this morning that we are both staying another transfer as well as our district leader. He'll be getting a new trainee and Elder Christiansen will be getting switched out.
We have been inspired by our ward mission leader who is fluent in pig latin to pick it up. It's pretty slow, but has been entertaining us. I'm ettpray lowsay, utbay I'm ettinggay etterbay. We have been trying to figure out what to do with words that start with vowels and I asked the ward elders at dinner, yeah like octopus. Would it be octopusay? E.Christiansen died laughing.
Considering my last post was almost entirely on the woes of struggling with my district leader, I probably should address it. It got a lot worse and now its getting better. We found out this week from his companion that he thinks I'm prideful, which I think he is just confusing my lack of charity for pride. Of course having a lack of charity is prideful, so in the end I guess he's justified. Either way, he still called every night, which was good, I just made them stiff, awkward and short. I'm starting to realize I need to just fake it 'til I make it. Do the actions and then the respect will follow. Respect on both sides.
We got this exciting family of investigators this week. It's a single mom with four kids, 2 are older than 8 and they all sat listening intently as we talked about Christ and the Restoration. The elders  tried them before, because they are listed as a part member family, but they got divorced, so the mom doesn't really know anything about the church. The elders told us to go try them, but when we first
visited she said yeah you can come by maybe sometime on Saturday, totally seeming not interested, but when we came on Saturday she let us right in.

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