Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Do you like pinecolada's...[Aug. 31, 2015]

Sarah got baptized! She's 16 and has had a rough life, but she is the most charitable person I know. She has such a big heart for everyone. There is a couple people that we are working with who have been given the short end of the stock with life, just like Sarah, but they choose to look inward and blame God and others for their problems as well as the bad decisions they make for themselves.
On a side note, so I, um yeah, gave into temptation really bad this week....the Tuesday before last for lunch at district meeting the big topic was how horrid sugar was and everything. Just another innocently delightful thing that Elder Jones despises. Well, last Tuesday we were putting our lunch in the fridge and we noticed the milk jug of veggie sludge that Elder Jones drinks. It was conveniently located next to a communal pitcher of granulated sugar. The thought came....I voiced it to Sister Chappell who laughed and I grabbed the milk jug. The milk jug was about a quarter full and I poured in a few tablespoons, more than I was planning, but the deed was done....I shook it up and put it all back and all during district meeting I was shaking in my boots. Regret filled me until we all were back in the kitchen eating lunch and the conversation of how sugar would be counted as a poison if it wasn't sweet was brought up. He took out the jug and kept shaking it around as he was preparing his lunch. Then he would go on how people think oil and fat is bad for you, but it's really not, but sugar is ALL bad. He took the cap off the jug and licked it with no reaction....I like wasn't breathing from how nervous I was....WHY DID I DO IT! Then he would go on how sugar is more addictive than coccaine and he let one of the elders try it and goes on how he we are all attracted to fit people, because we are then closer to our resurrected state. Then he finally took a swig from his veggie gunk and he looks confused and turns to the elder he had try it
and says.... yeah normally it's not that spicy. He goes on how Jesus is depicted in pictures as being super fit, because we are more spiritually in tune when we are.
I don't know if the sugar had an effect on the spiciness of it, but I was in the clear. He still doesn't know it, so everyone reading this is sworn to secrecy....spiking drinks missionary style FTW #ThingsNotToDoToDiabetics
We helped out the primary yesterday. All the teachers went to the 5th Sunday lesson and it was us, the elders and Sister Bohman. We did singing time which went okay, despite the fact I don't know half the songs. Then the elders did sharing time which went really good. The kids were a little crazy, because we had a lack of adults...none....but the elders were really good with the kids. I'm
okay not being a primary worker for a reeeeeeally long time, though!

Sarah and U.S. And Elder Jones. When we asked her who she wanted to baptize her she said the most experienced missionary...so she chose Elder Jones. (She was super worried about falling down.)

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