Monday, February 2, 2015

Teardrops on my Guitar...[Feb. 2, 2015]

Every three months 1 or 2 zones get to go to the temple (Kansas City or Oklahoma) and there is about 10 zones. So the likeliness of going is not very likely, but luckily I am in one of the two zones that gets to go this quarter, so I get to go tomorrow! I am so excited it is hard to focus, but I will try.

Last Monday, I got my hair cut by a member of the ward who is a hairstylist...come to find out she really specializes in mens hair...she cut my layers just a tad too short and didn't frame the front, so in the end it came out looking like I had a mullet. Sister Mitchell (my comp who is a certified hair stylist) fixed it a bit, but there was no way going around it. Bangs. At first, I was like, "Oh hello awkward teenage years, hows it goin'?"...but then I straightened them and I took a gander in the mirror and I was like wait...I don't know? So I'm considering the bangs...let your opinion be heard and email me cuz I can't decide. They can grow out in like 3 weeks, or I can keep them the way they are.

We are teaching a lady who is a mom of 2 kids on missions and she has 2 boys at home. Her husband is like the biggest teddy bear and they are all converts...except for the mom. She goes to church every week and she even is in Cub Scouts. Really she is a mormon in all aspects, despite the fact that she has never been baptized...and oh yeah she also doesn't believe in God.

She had an experience over Christmas where she prayed for the first time and a miracle happened that made her start thinking, but she still has so much further to go. It's almost like she is scared to acknowledge the faith that she does have. She really is such a phenomenon, we asked her last night, "Do you have any desires that you look forward to?""Do you ever think about what happens after we die?" DIDN'T TEACH ME THIS IN THE MTC! We learned we just have to be more bold and start where she is at.

On Weds. I lost my magnetic name tag...probably just flung off at some stop when we left the car. I didn't have it for the lesson that night...super awkward...we were about to chalk it as a member present...just kidding...we actually did cuz we actually had a member with us.

I had a dream last night and I had just gotten home and I was like MAN that last 11 months flew by! I told my companion in the morning and we had a good laugh, because it really feels like the past 7 months have flown by that fast.

We had our District Meeting this morning (cuz the temple is tomorrow :]) and one sister shared this testimony (background: they have had a really rough (number wise and everything else wise) past couple months) and last week everything went so many miracles. She was saying the only thing that changed was her attitude. She kept trying to do better and was stressed so bad and just having a really rough time. She finally just decided to not give it all to the Lord and be happy. Then everything started coming. I totally went through that when I was in Goodland, and she articulated exactly what I went through, so well. I realized that even though I did just give up all that stress and not worry about how "I" was going to get the numbers, but what I could do to serve the Lord better, even though I did all that...Goodland just wasn't ready and it was time for us to serve else where.


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