Monday, February 16, 2015

Goin' Around this Roundabout...[Feb. 16, 2015]

Soooo, my companion got a training packet and my potential to go to Debbie's baptism on the 20th started to seriously dwindle. Since, she will stay to train someone and I will be cast off the island. I actually was freaking out a little bit, but my freakouts aren't as bad as they used to be....sticky notes weren't flung in the air like they were in Goodland when I found out that was about to be closed.
The Elders are hilarious, but they were starting to drive me insane.
"Hey, can you meet us at the church?"  "No, we are in North Topeka, ain't no one got miles for that." Wait, why do you care about miles you aren't going to be here?
Then at dinner last night the lady was like, "Oh my goodness you should come over for p-day and we can play games and cook food!" I was YES then one of the Elders was like, "Wait, you're not going to be here." I threatened him with a fork...
Then we were asking her her favorite part about her mission. She said going to the baptisms. Thanks.
Well, I fasted and then the miracle...uh miraculously....came through. The APs called Sister Mitchell to tell her her trainee...and then we asked where I was going? and they said Lake Shawnee...which is in Topeka. So I totes am going to make it! I am so happy! We called Debbie and she was so happy she got goosebumps. Lake Shawnee is struggling a bit right now, so it'll be tough and with my track record it'll be closed in 2 transfers, but we're going to thrash the crap out of it.
Last Monday, we had dinner with this young family and the mom got out some cool whip and said oh it's still little girl was like Frozen?...and a little boy gave a loud rendition of "Let it Go". Then another little girl was like, why does no one give Elsa balloons?-- Because she let's them go. It's an obsession.
We had lunch at this place called Pie Five and it was so good! It had the same vibe as Chipotle except with pizza and you could put whatever on it. Then I was sitting down eating my delicous chicken tomato alfredo pizza and Tongue Tied by Grouplove came on and I felt like my ears were bleeding. It was the strangest experience, because it was the one song that I listened to the most before I came out and haven't heard since I left. It's like someone calling you by your first name...ahh!!

My new comp is curly haired sister in back.


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  1. My fourth attempt to get these pics attached. Some weeks are weird and uncooperative for some reason. Every time I tried to label them it completely messed them up. Hopefully they are self explanatory...the restaurant was Texas Roadhouse to celebrate V-day and an Elder's B-day. The rest was their trip to the temple. So...sorry! Best I could do....