Monday, January 26, 2015

Awko Taco...[Jan. 26, 2015]

 Well, these days we spend a lot of time looking up former investigators (we have hundreds in our area book). Well yesterday, we had a stack of about 8 on two different streets, and we visited a couple and then we went to this one house. It was about 3:00pm. We were standing on the doorstep and there was all this KU stuff everywhere, so we figured they were college students or something. Then the mailbox had different names on it then the former we were going to see, so we figured they moved. So I pulled out a Book of Mormon, and we knocked. This girl answers the door, and she looks like she's in her twenties. I was like, "Hi! How are you?" (normally, a person who doesn't know us gives off a vibe that says..."What the crap are you doing on my doorstep and I'm going to do everything to get through this as fast as possible!") she did not give off this vibe, but instead said, "I'm good, how are you?" We were like, "Great." Then she said, "You're early."
I was thinking she was like going to be all smart with us and say like...the end of the world hasn't happened yet or something...and Sister Mitchell thought...she was having a party later and we were guests arriving early. Well, I just figured let's get on with this, so I introduced ourselves. She was like, "Yeah, I'm expecting missionaries in 3 hours for dinner." We were like, "Wait, really? What missionaries?" She was like, "Umm..."  We were like, "The Elders or Sherwood or something?" She was like, "Maybe." Then I thought about it and I was like, "Are you Melanie Mortenson?" She was like, "Yeah." I was like oh snap we just tracted into our dinner.
She wasn't in church for the past three weeks, so we didn't know what she looked like.
This week we had dinner with this one sweet old couple. She made these "taco burgers" which tasted like a better version of sloppy joes. It was taco meat, with lettuce and cheese. Yum. Unfortunately, we had them right after we had a District lunch after our District Meeting that was at a Chinese buffet that's called Chow Time. It has been closed down about 5 times, but miraculously I didn't get food poisoning.
We also had dinner with a recent convert that Sister Mitchell introduced the Gospel to when she was in Topeka (in a different ward) about 7 months ago. He had some issues with drugs before he was a member, and we were deciding where to eat (it was once again Friday night, a great night apparently to bum off of members for out to eat food.). We were standing on a corner and looking at the glorious bounty of restaurant choices before us. He was listing off a couple and he was like, "Yeah that sandwich shop place over there is where I got my weed. Okay...then he was listing off more--and he was like Cracker Barrel--I was like, "Is that where you got your crack?"...he just looked at me like--oh my gosh. I crack myself up way too much....bahaha it never gets old. He told us his conversion story, it was awesome.
This is the first week that I didn't take pictures, so here's a pic of my name tag. I wrote the scripture on the back so I measure how much I lived up to it every time I take it off. There's your cheesy thing for the week.

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