Monday, January 5, 2015

Good times in Goodland are over...[Jan. 5, 2015]

Oh how lovely was the morning.... Well, seeing as we are an hour earlier than everyone else, everyone else gets the transfer doctrine before us. Our lovely District Leader decided to call us after he saw it...turns out they are closing Goodland. Crazy how my mission is a complete pattern. I have been in two areas for two transfers each; and each transfer I've been in I've baptized once, and now each area I closed when I left. It's not good when someone tells you, "Oh my, I've closed so many areas." Your first impression is, not a big surprise you're a crappy missionary....NOW I'M THAT MISSIONARY! I kinda pretty much definitely feel like the scum of the earth. They like to say, "It's okay, there's just less sisters coming out." Which is partly true, but there is also plenty of areas they could've chosen to close. Plus, I'm going to an area that is opening for sisters. My anxiety level is rising, so I'm going to change subjects....
On a happier note, the Burlington Elders crashed the Colby Elders' car in a blizzard...just kidding this isn't a happier note. They were driving from Colby to Burlington (they were on exchanges) Saturday and a random blizzard, literally out of nowhere, started and they had zero visibility and ran into a car that was stopped on the highway. They are okay, but the car is totaled. 
We were in that same blizzard and just on our way home, the car got stuck twice. The first time miraculously this truck with two guys in it was behind us and they pushed us out. The second time was right before the alleyway into our driveway, and we had to borrow our landlords shovel. After about ten minutes of shoveling and pushing, we finally freed the car and we hunkered in for the night. 
Sunday, we went to Colby for church. (Did I mention I've been in a trio this past week? A sister reached the end of her mission and went home a week early--we went to her church.) Well there the Elders decided they wanted to use the car of the other sisters, because it's just sitting there.  But I accidentally left those keys at our apartment, so they went to go pick them up. We came home with all of our furniture moved. Thank you Elder Thompson.
This week has been full of so many miracles that I don't even know where to begin, because each one would have to take so much explanation. Let me just say that if you want something to really happen, get a missionary to fast about it.
Now back to the first paragraph, did you read my last blog post...yeah I still need to learn my lesson apparently. Well, I really don't care if all of my areas in my mission close, if I keep getting the amazing opportunity of baptizing every transfer, I will be happy as a clam. I love seeing that change in people. I'm going to get weepy now so I will stop.
Penny's Diner in Sharon Springs.
We have an investigator that
works there and we decided to visit it.
 It was so good
and after he took our order,
I just figured he would give the order
to the cook or something.
Lo and behold, he actually
makes the food too.  He pretty much
runs the entire show. A definite place
to stop by when/if I come back.


My first was everything
I hoped for and dreamed. 

Sister Fosselman, Don, and Me
in our "bibbers"

I don't know the gas prices
anywhere else, but in Colby, KS
this is what we got...
I feel like we should get more miles....

Shoveling snow at a members house
in Oakley.  It was above my left boot.

An investigators very friendly black lab.


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