Monday, January 12, 2015

When One Door Closes...[Jan. 12, 2015]

Well, my days in Goodland are done and did. We visited Debbie one last time, and after telling us a long rendition about her morning where her neighbor drove her to Walmart. She backed him up and fell. Her yogurt got all over her and she was like at least it didn't go up my nose! Now everything isn't really as bad as you think, because the yogurt didn't go up your nose! She threatened to duct tape us to the wall. We told her that would probably not change anything, so she let us go :'(
I'm in Kaw Valley now, which is a ward (yeah, ward, I almost forgot what that meant!) in Topeka. Topeka is like heaven, but not, but it is. Our first night here, we got a memo from the Elders that we had a dinner with the Budges. We called up Sister Budge and she explained her friend, whom she had taken to church before but isn't a member, is going to be there as well and if we wouldn't mind teaching her about the Restoration. Yeah, we didn't mind. We have had a dinner every night since I've been here, and the meal calendar for this month is like almost full.
I talked with one zone leader here and he said he never served in the West and I was like, "Aw man, that's too bad." He's like, "No it's not, see I actually like working with the members." Then I realized wait, members can actually do missionary work, say what?
We had only 2 investigators when we got here and because they were on date, our district leader said
the rest to just start at point A and get them all going again. We haven't been able to meet with too many people in our short time here, but the people we have, have been so solid.  Something else, they actually like have cars and money and stuff ...I know! Church isn't a half hour away! ...and they have about every restaurant you could possibly dream of here. I've seriously died (according to my niece who's watched too much Frozen, I've died in the ocean) and gone to heaven. Oh also, there is like hills here (small, but still not as flat as the West) (according to Sheri Dew who grew up in western Kansas, if you stood on a tuna can, you can see all of Kansas) ...and there's trees. I was standing outside and said, I've never seen so many trees in my LIFE! Then I remembered oh wait, sorry Oregon....
We went to Red Robin as a district today, so I was sitting there and one Elder was reading the other's license and was like '94, man you're so old!  I just raised my eyebrow then turned to the sisters to do some quick ...wait how old are you's?  Then found out I was the oldest one at the table of 8 missionaries. Aghhh! By the time I get back I'm going to be getting off the plane in one of those wheelchairs they have the airport people push for you.
The apartment we moved into was an Elders apartment before. It actually wasn't like dirty or anything, there was just random stuff everywhere. I swore off sweets, but in every cupboard there was some sort of candy. We put everything in a big box and then put it all in a closet. There was also 7 swords that were made from PVC pipe, pool noodles and duct tape. Elders....
There was a lot of food too, so that was nice. Plus, we have a dishwasher, washer and dryer...yes!
My comp is Sister Mitchell who is from a ranch in Spanish Fork canyon in Utah. She is a licensed hairstylist...yes! She is 20 and is super sweet. She also is hilarious. She has been out 10 months.

Our last district leader asked us
to decorate his planner...this
 is the back of it.
The Elder in the place of the
healed girl is Elder Pettit
...he laughed so it's all good.

My Dream Catcher

Sword Play

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