Monday, September 8, 2014

Love me Tender...mercies...[Sept. 8, 2014]

My email wasn't working this morning, so now I get the joy of writing this in the mission office where an elder is flying a tiny helicopter that hums and is the most awesomely distracting toy that exists.

I have been aware of incredible miracles that have happened and would normally not be acknowledged if I did not have....the helicopter just landed on my head...the knowledge that I am being divinely cared for. I decided to list several.

One Sunday we were at ward council, and they decided to talk about the ward Christmas party and then of course ham, and I immediately started craving it and guess what we had for dinner randomly in the middle of summer?

We were on bikes one day, and the second we got home it started raining, and then it kept raining, and we coincidentally had a team up for that night.

I have been craving Cinnabons for awhile, and a senior missionary bought them for us after a district meeting. 

I decided I wanted to make a goal of losing weight (specifically 10 pounds) this transfer, and guess what my companions goal for this transfer was?

The latest one that prompted this is that recently I have been realizing that for some reason I am depressed in the mornings. I think it has to do that I get stressed about numbers and all that we have to get done that day. I got up this morning and went downstairs to start my laundry, when I noticed a guitar case. I have passed by this thing so many times and didn't realize it was there. I pulled out an out of tune guitar and I was able to get it to the right notes, but I couldn't get it fully in tune because I don't have much practice tuning guitars. I also randomly had a tuner in my bag, in case I would need one for a cello. I was able to tune it, and I thankfully remembered the riff for "Satellite Heart" (greatest song ever...well at least on my list of 100 greatest songs ever). It was an awesome morning!

Oh, also, this morning I couldn't log in to my email so I had to wait for 2 hours, and hope that I could later, and when we walked into the mission office there was a package for me, best thing in the world! Inside there was clothes, oh and the cutest pair of shoes that ever existed on this planet! I put them on and some random lady was like, "Wow so cute, too bad they have a heel." I really think they're more comfortable that way, but the way she said it made me see it as a challenge. Kind of like when you go to an "all you can eat buffet" or when there's a "no dive" sign on the side of a pool. I don't care if they're more comfortable or not, I'm wearing those shoes!!

I had a really hard first six weeks, probably like every other missionary on this earth. It would have been nice if someone told me that before, so I wouldn't be thinking this is what the rest of my mission is going to feel like...I remember weeks ago the sister training leaders kept asking me how I was really doing, and when I would eventually mention my companion and I's personalities clashed, they would just go on and on about how I need to be humble and looking back, that is the last thing I needed to hear. I already felt like a terrible missionary, because I was having a hard time trying to live up to my companion's unrealistic expectations for herself and for me, I didn't need more criticism.

My new companion is Sister Andersen. She is from South Jordan, Utah and was going to Utah State for early childhood education. She is 20 and has 4 younger siblings. She also has a brother on a mission, but to Chile. She is quirky and loving and a great missionary. My stress level has like halved from what it was, and I no longer have to use Disney songs to maintain my sanity, I have realized how much more patient I am. I didn't realize before how impatient I was for such little things, until I started this transfer and I was thinking, wow I would have been annoyed about that before, but I'm actually fine with it now.

I have put 3 people on date for September 20th and all have fell through, but fourth times a charm, right? We were teaching Anna and I was prompted to get her on date again, and she's like maybe the first week of November, and I was like I think you will want to obtain these blessings sooner, is there a date maybe in September or October that is significant? She said you know what, I feel good about September 20th, and I said nothing about that date, it was AWESOME.

My Companion and I.

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