Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Out of the Darkness and into the Sun...[October 26, 2015]

Transfers are this week. I'll be going to....can I get a drum roll please?....Lamar, Colorado. It is the furthest you can get from the mission office, like even further than Goodland, KS. I am soooo excited to go back out west. Totally unexpected! I'm kind of sad that I won't be staying in Junction for the rest of this shin-dig, but I think it will be good to immerse myself in another town for these last two transfers. Junction will be missed, but I totes will be back to visit fo' sho'. 

Do you ever have that feeling like you have an amazing story to tell and you are bursting at the seams to finally get the niceties out of the way so you can get to it? Maybe that's not a feeling everyone gets, but I have it ALL THE TIME and I'm holding onto a spectacular one.

 An elder in our district...it may or may not be our district leader...takes pride in the fact that he can talk on the phone while biking and the person on the other line doesn't realize it. Conversations will go....uhhh are you on your bike? What!? How can you tell? oh it's the wind right? yeah....and you're breathing kind of heavily....no wAay! Well, last Friday he was biking and talking on a conference call and got distracted and ran into a car. Apparently, the crash wasn't too bad and he just got back on and biked the rest of the day. Well, the next morning his calf was all swollen and he went in and got xrays and it sounds like he fractured his leg. He finds out for sure today. So we had been loaning them the car and his companion has been driving. Last night after they gave it back to us he brings up the dreaded weight room topic. He is taking this whole thing as a sign of God humbling him and he apologized and we compromised to get the weight room from 6:30-7am. He had lightened up so much over the past couple days. I don't know if he was holding onto all of this and it was weighing down on him or what, but he was joking around with us and almost like a completely different person. He's a good guy. It really was our matching pride that created the situation. It will be nice not having to wake up at 4:45, but more importantly this whole experience has grown me sooo much. The refiner's fire is tough, but what you learn about yourself afterwards and the experience you gain from it is so incredibly worth it. We get these tough experiences as blessings from keeping the commandments. Isn't that crazy? Keeping the commandments doesn't make us live happy go lucky lives, but it makes them tough... and real... and it forms you into what you need to become.

 Oh my gosh, I am going to miss Sister Chappell so flippin' much!!! She is such a kindred spirit and my bosom buddy!! :'( Yesterday we sat through two Primary programs. I haven't seen a primary program (a real one, my last one was in Goodland and consisted of like 2 kids over the age of 10) for like 5 years. It was so delightful!)

 I keep forgetting to put this in, but at a zone conference I was sitting and eating my lunch when the conversation of first names got going. I told a sister that I sometimes tell people my first name is Elaine and her companion looks up and says, wait, it'
s not!? You told me your first name is Elaine....haha whoops! She also thought I had only been out for 6 months until someone I came out with told her we came out together and she figured it out.
Ugh, I just have no time to write in this!

 We went on exchanges and I actually got to stay in JC this time! I've been to Salina so much! Sister Palmer had been here for 7 months previously and she came with me and we visited some people she saw a lot and we kept expecting them to get all excited to see her, but every time they just were like same old same old. One person Sister Palmer was even like, I'm Sister Palmer, do you remember me from before and they just were like yeah and shrugged their shoulders. It was kind of sad, but also funny. I think she was just here for so long they think it's old news if she comes again.

 This week is going to be super exciting. I know transfers are always inspired and I am ready to see what this next transfer has to hold. Hopefully, its not as hard as the last one, but they keep getting harder and harder.....I guess if it's not harder, I will just be cheaped out on the experiences that I can gain. hmmm....

 Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers!
 Sorry no photos, but there will be plenty next week!

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