Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's fun to stay at the YMCA...[Oct. 12, 2015]

This week has just been one of those weeks. I wouldn't say we got into an all out war, because it never got declared....but it definitely was what congress would declare a "conflict". We've been having a disagreement over the gym and which resulted in a new policy from MLC and several discussions between us and the Zone Leaders and the Zone Leaders and the APs and President. It's been just dandy. In an effort to not have to abridge myself I'm just not going to post any details in a public format, but if you want them just email me or my mom and we can just copy and paste the whole story...preferably me, because I'm getting a pathetic amount of emails compared to my companion. :D
Consequently, angels have been watching over us. Our week was full of awesome lessons and lots of people earnestly seeking for truth. One such person is Sunshine. We just talked with her on the street and she mentioned she met with missionaries before. We had been stopping by her place, but it always was not "good timing" we were about to drop her, but we tried again and we got to sit down with her and her husband and they both were very interested. We explained about the Book of Mormon and he was like I really want to read that! Do you have another copy? Haha, yep. Another occasion, we visited a member we never had met and she was doing the hair of two of her friends and she was so good at getting them to understand our purpose and both of them were super interested
and committed to come to church.

We decided we needed some good pics together. Sister Chappell is the only reason I'm surviving out here. She is my best friend and I am so mad that I have to wait a stinkin' year to hang out with her
afterwards. We understand each others quirks and we have so much fun together.
I had a stomach ache and my biceps were killing me so we made a pit stop at CVS and I got some Sprite and muscle rub and both were exactly what I needed. I thought the Sprite can had a quote on it that was quite fitting.
Oh and we had some flour wars on p-day.

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