Monday, January 4, 2016

It is the Music of the People Who Will Not Be Slaves Again...[Jan. 4, 2016]

We try to get a group together of members/investigators to do sports with us Saturday mornings and this last Saturday we had a good turn out to have an epic nerf gun fight.

LACEY GOT BAPTIZED!!! THE greatest miracle on my mission. The Lord really knows us and has the timing all right and He truly has the power to change our characters. She was in a really bad relationship when I met her two months ago and just not living a good life style and within weeks she has forsaken all of the bad. A couple days ago she was listing off all of these things that she has sacrificed for God and she said she just knows that she will get blessed, but now she just has to be patient and let Him work with her and her life. Her whole demeanor has just changed so much.

Yesterday we were riding in the car together and she asked if I will get a Facebook when I get back....yes...okay just don't get corrupted, there's a lot of bad stuff on it. It's okay though, your strong. I was about to tell her I had one before my mission too, but before my mission gay marriage was still illegal, it was illegal to smoke pot in my home state and Robin Williams was still alive. I think my recent convert just insulated me...(insulation lessons are lessons you give to investigators before they get baptized to warn them about ways the adversary will try to deviate them off course.)

 We invited like everyone to the baptism and we had a good turn out. We had a little potluck afterwards and it was all fun. Lacey got the Holy Ghost on Sunday and that was also legit.

 We also went on my last exchange with the STLs this week. Huzzah!

The Wednesday before the Thursday I go home we are having a world wide mission broadcast so that should be immensely exciting.

On Thursday, we borrowed the car from the elders and they left an upside down cup on the dash. Naturally my companion picked up the cup and we found a big hairy spider underneath. Screaming ensued and we called the elders and they were like oh how's Reggie doing? Well, it climbed into a vent and we had to go, so you can imagine the fear of when we had to go back in the car. :(

I forgot my journal so I kinda forgot what else happened this week.

 Thanks for the prayers! Here's some pics.


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