Monday, January 11, 2016

Geronimo...[Jan. 11, 2016]

Lacey is doing awesome! But there's this thing (something that I'm banking on for when I get back jk) where after you go through this refiners fire of a process and the light of Christ envelopes you, you become naturally attractive and therefore her ex-boyfriend came back into the picture. We were devastated at first, but he seems to be respecting her standards. He also is interested himself and we have taught him a couple lessons and he enjoyed church yesterday. So cool all the timing of everything. The elders met Lacey right when she broke up with him and I think she had to get solid in the gospel and now that she's a rock he can also be built up by it as well. #eternalfamiliesFTW

Let me tell you in two words what it's like getting close to the end of your mission. It sucks. Not to brag on how awesome of a missionary I am and look how spiritual of me not wanting my mission to end, but because there is so many emotions (excited, scared, sad, happy, relieved, anxious, depressed, nervous, etc.) that I just want to ignore the whole thing, or at least not talk about it. But then we had specialized training in Garden and naturally everyone that came up to talk to me before it started wanted to talk about me going home. I was also just feeling depressed, because I kind of have a hard companion. So I avoided people which led to me awkwardly standing by myself. My stellar district leader spotted me across the gym and bee lined it towards me with a threatening look of, if you don't lighten up I'm going to punch your face in. In a matter of two questions he got to the root of the problem and built me up from there. So inspired the people that you serve around and the timing of it all. I've learned so much from everyone, even though I feel like an old geezer more than ever.

Also, what it feels like to be close to the end is that you just left the side of someone who is in the midst of dying and you go outside and see the lives of people unaffected by the fact that there is someone dying. It's like HelllOo, my mission is coming to a close, why are we inviting people to be baptized after the 21st and doing all these trainings and crap! Anyways, enough of this trunkiness.

We are also teaching Lacey's sister and her family. She is super set on the fact that she will never quit weed, but I think after a few weeks of seeing her potential, we can help change that. Cool how the atonement can work sometimes.

We hiked two buttes last p-day. It's the highest point in our mission...which just goes to show how pathetically flat our mission is. Two buttes is 45 mins. South of Lamar and still very much so in our area. There's a member here who served in New Jersey and her mission is smaller than our area. It was super windy.

Another tidbit...

We beat the record for pancakes eaten in the Lamar district. Don't know if that really is something to be proud of, but we are. :D we hit 95. I personally ate 15.

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