Monday, August 11, 2014

yada yada yada...[Aug. 11, 2014]

The big plan last week was to move in with the Robertsons. She is THE coolest lady in the world, she is a RM and just so funny. She renovated their basement, and it became crunch time last week, so they had members of the ward come every night to help. She bought us a fluffy rug and fluffy matching pillows and towels and then she organized and built the closet for our dresses and skirts to fit. She was so excited for sisters to move into her basement and we packed up our stuff and called her to see if it was okay to drop off our stuff (this was last Monday) that night. When she answered and said, Oh, you haven't heard yet.... She has a 13 year old son, which is against mission rules for sisters to move in and the stake president knew about it, but apparently the mission president had just heard. So we were kicked out of our last place, so we went to stay at the sister training leaders house along with another companionship, so it's just been a bit crowded, plus all our stuff is in random suitcases, because I just thought it was going to be in there a couple hours. Turns out we've been there all week. The elders also can't move in with the Robertsons, because Sister Robertson is home a lot when her husband is at work. The Robertsons deserve an awesome basement, though, so hopefully she'll use it as a sewing machine room or something.
We are--hopefully--moving in to a members' home where the husband is deployed and the wife is staying with one of her kids. Currently the Assistant Presidents are there, but they should move out today, because I told them so, because my bike doesn't have a suitcase holder and we won't have a car fun! 
I keep forgetting to mention this terribly sad story. I had the best of plans to convince the missionaries here that my first name is Elaine (can you tell I spent my last months watching Seinfeld all day?) Unfortunately, when we introduced ourselves in District Meeting I just stopped using my brain for a sec and introduced myself with my first name. Like my real first name, not the other one. Maybe after a few transfers I can attempt it. 
So we finally got dropped by Shelby (her sister just came out and said she told me she's not interested), but right after that we went to an appointment and got her on date for the same day Shelby had. I'll call her Barbara, because she seems like a Barbara. She is in her fifties and drinks and smokes. She has had a lot of death in her family recently and wants to change her life around. She has long straight brown hair and a deep voice and currently is sporting a black eye. She took a tumble while finding her bed in the dark and hit the dresser. I believe it because she doesn't have any contact with men or really anyone, so yeah. Kind of difficult to convince her to come to church with that though. She got a blessing from the Elders on Saturday and that was the best experiences I've had on my mission thus far. We told her it would be HF speaking to her through the Elders and you could tell she felt it. 

I've been a little daunted lately with how long my mission really is. I mean I knew this whole time it was 18 months, but then you put it into perspective like last night...I had to explain to the girls we're staying with what the fox says.

Photo cred my Aunt Tina,
who is lovingly taking care of my beloved cello.
I miss it so bad!

A bit of fields, not in our area,
but what I actually imagined Kansas to be.

The city of Wichita, it actually has a couple blocks of city.
Kansas is awesome, because the housing prices are so low,
but then you have to think about wait why is the housing so low,
oh yeah, it's because there is nothing here and
no one actually lives here of their own free will.
There's some really cool old houses that people just destroyed,
because you get low income families living there
and don't have money to upkeep these old houses.

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