Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blonde hair blowing in the summer wind. A blue eyed girl playing in the sand. I've been on her trail for a little while, But that was the night that she broke down.... "Runaways" by the Killers...[Aug. 26, 2014]

At one point this week, we packed up our stuff and drove out of our area at 10:00pm in our pajamas. Yeah we were running away...from our house....because it was 85 degrees downstairs and way more hot upstairs. Our air conditioning broke and we decided to shack with the sister training leaders. Thankfully, we got a guy to fix it the next morning, but it's apparently 25 years old, so it could just die anytime now. I live a pretty gnarly mission....

But guess what, Griz got baptized! It was the sweetest experience thus far. His wife is a member and was SO happy. Now it's preparation for going to the temple in one year, it's weird thinking about that I'll still be in Kansas when that happens.

While tracting I ran into a guy who said his name was Ted Seymore. I was like oh my goodness that's my last name and he didn't believe me, I had to show him my nametag and he was like whoa, that's not how I spell it, but my kin spell it like that, (like thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, my name is always misspelled like that) He yelled in his house for everyone to meet his cousin and this lady came to the door and just rolled her eyes. He was black, so we probably are related somewhere waaay down the line. I should have given them a family history card, I totally spaced! But he did say he'd call us after I gave him a pamphlet. I'm not going to hold my breath, but now I can tell everyone I have a black cousin.

I also thought I'd share some classic Kansas recipes on here, just kidding there are no classic Kansas foods, but I did ask for a recipe that is really easy and yummy we had this week:
Brown 1 pound of ground beef with 1 T of sesame oil and 3 t of garlic. Then mix 1/4 c soy sauce, 1/2 c brown sugar and 1/4 t powdered ginger with the meat and serve over rice with green onions.

I was so close to being able to brag that I was going to have another baptism this Saturday, but she didn't come to church this Sunday and you have to go twice before you get baptized and she's only been once, so we are going to have to pick a new date, but I'll still introduce her anyways. Her name is Anna, (okay it's not, but I don't want to get sued or something and I want to start using frozen characters) She is widowed as of 6 years and her husband was a member. She is still in the grieving process and it's been really hard on her. She has diabetes and her extremities often feel numb, cold and hurt. The elders found her while tracting. She moved into a house, that has more issues than vogue, but step by step she is fixing it up. It's so hard because I know how much going to church and baptism will give her strength and you can only do so much for people before you just have to let them make their own choices.

 Spangles, a Kansas delicacy
where you can get burger, fries, drink and ice cream for $5,
and it's actually edible,
despite the many warnings from other missionaries
including,  "I got food poisoning 3/3 times from that"
and "it made my belly sad".

 My companion, Griz and I

 I like to stalk my investigators...also
 that outfit can be used to
 impersonate a delta flight attendant
or someone who works in the Air Force,
because I've been confused for either
of those people.
(There's an Air Force base in Wichita)

 Tracting was an adventure. 

Anna's little dog, she said it was 6 ounces
before we saw it and I figured she meant to say
6 pounds, nope 6 ounces. 

 People say all the time my companion and I
have a glow about us and so
we decided to take a picture
and see what they were talking about
and this is what came out...yeah, I crack myself up...

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