Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why I'm Going

I thought it would be a good idea to start off my blog with an explanation of events that led me to decide to serve a mission.
When I was 19 and the age change happened I was set that a mission was not for me. I am glad that I thought that, because later that year I went through some experiences that helped me grow for the better and I would not have if I had just left. I moved to a new apartment the next year and as luck would have it a couple of return missionaries moved in with us. They loved their missions and you could tell that they weren’t superficial about it. They helped to change my perspective about what serving a mission is really about.
Last January, I coincidentally attended a slew of lessons from devotionals and church, etc. about having faith and trusting in the Lord. I randomly went to the temple later in the month and while waiting in the baptistry I noticed the picture of Alma baptizing the Lamanites and I started thinking of people who I knew who were lost or who were not members. I thought about how happy and content I was in that moment and I realized that I had such a love for the Lord and love of the church and a love and yearning for these people to understand what I knew to be true.
I started realizing these thoughts were not generated from me. It was like when you are dreaming and you realize that you are, but you just keep dreaming and let the events unfold before you. I remembered the lessons of trust in faith that I previously had learned from. I realized what was being revealed for me and I felt this love from the Savior that words can’t describe. I knew I was supposed to serve a mission.
I talked with my bishop and started my papers that Sunday and on February 19th I received my call to serve in the Wichita Kansas Mission to leave on July 9th

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